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  1. Great deal? Hope u paid not more than £24,99 lol
  2. I have the GMF CHS too. I don’t really care for the big GMT hand..
  3. That would be the second option, yep. Top bad those things happen.
  4. Well, you bought in on the RLX forum, it was sealed bnib. Seems more to me that your local watch guy don’t know what he is talking about. If someone on the RLX forum is selling rep parts/ fakes he gets roasted in 3 seconds.
  5. Your PCG and my Eagles beak are dream duo I think lol
  6. Oh boy.. Read the fora. You‘re a member since an hour and post a s*^% question in the first thread you see? Congrats!
  7. It’s the same with the People who have $15k cash for a watch that’s definitely fake. Yes fake- so garbage. Not even a good rep, just canal street junk. And they seriously asking the fora if it’s gen!? WTF, check twice before paying 15k for a piece of [censored]. And the best, there are folks who say that it’s gen, lol. My 2 cents
  8. Holy crap thats a hell of a dial! Geez, Love it! Mind sharing some details on the process done to the dial? West it in good health. Cheers
  9. Gen/Athaya 700/702 crown and tube fit without problems. Phong/ nam/ gen pusher don’t fit without drilling and retapping the holes afaik. Cheers
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