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  1. That looks more like a Day Date case.
  2. @Pombok Holy mother.. sorry to say but that bracelet is crap. Wondering how MQ dares to ask a $300 and more. I really hope you can send it back and get a refund. Nanuq‘s idea is great too. I‘m in the process of doing the same to have a affordadble 9315. As said, for a 93150 i‘d stick to a Castel/JKF one. They are pretty good for the € and do what they should.
  3. Well best is to stick to the TDs here and ask them. Or get a JKF sub with 21j movement, take the bracelet off and sell the rest. Might share a few pics of MQ‘s 93150? That would be great!
  4. Here’s a list of movements with its different stem heights. Check and compare so you can make up your mind on what u need and what you’re able to put in your gen spec case. Most important is the stem height. Maybe this helps! Credits to Nanuq for making the list.
  5. This is valjoux only correct? What’s your plan on the movement? If it really only fits valjoux it would be easier to get a MQ case with correct engravings and proper pushers instead of reshaping the hell out of it and having it engraved for some serious $.
  6. Don’t meant the new retainer OP ordered, I meant the old one the bezel falls off from. Would make no sense if he‘d punch the new one wider lol
  7. U could try this: Take the retainer and put it on a hard/ even surface. Get a hammer and a screwdriver ( - ). Place the screwdriver on the part of the retainer where the friction washer sits (see pic). Give it a slightly punsh with the hammer, that it makes a small groove in the retainer. Do that on the other site too. Now put the friction washer back on and press the bezel on the retainer. U should feel that it clips tighter then before, if not, give it one more punsh with the hammer. The reason why the bezel falls off is that the retainers outer diameter became too small for the b
  8. Well u need to be more specific on the bezel assembly you ordered from the bay. Next is: If the seller claimed everything is working fine, i‘d contact him and ask if he knew about the bezel problem. If it’s falling off simply cause you‘re wearing it, he knew and ripped u off- at least with the bezel. Just my 0.02
  9. Sounds good, great effort. I wouldn’t bother the fatter cgs as most people reshape them nevertheless. The more material there is in this area, the better it’s to reshape to the look you want. I‘d do it as standard with thick CG’s and leave it, that everybody can shape its own CG’s to his preferences- PCG/SCG/ standard. And sorry that I couldn’t help you out about the measurements fella. Cheers
  10. I‘d say it’s no 4 digit case, as they hadn’t a groove for the o ring at the case where the caseback screws on to. The same with the o ring groove where the crowntube screws in. Crownguards are standard, not pointed. What’s the asking price? I‘d stay away.
  11. Have a look between the lugs for a reference number. Don’t know what you mean by pointed crowns. If you refer to pointed crown guards, this one looks like a standard crown guard case which got a few polishes over time. A few more pics would help. From the first sight this looks to be a five digit sub case imo
  12. Love the daydate! Specs please. Cheers
  13. Let me know the thread diameter and I’ll check with two sub casebacks I have.
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