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  1. Lange & Sohne Datograph Flyback with a nice Croc strap... Super-classy and my only non-AP watch and the one I wear with a suit for work..
  2. It's my favorite, with Imaknockov's forged carbon parts.... Fantastic! Sent from the USS Enterprise using this species' primitive communications network via Tapatalk
  3. I've had my Datograph RG for a year. I put. a Hirsch glossy croc strap on it and it is a stunner dress watch. Highly recommended. It keeps perfect time and looks great. I've not had any problems with the screws on mine either. I'm an AP guy, but this is the dress watch! Sent from the USS Enterprise using this species' primitive communications network via Tapatalk
  4. I couldn't appreciate AR until I had it done on my Don Ramon. Seemed like a waste of time and money, but I figured that the "experts" have more experience and are gungho about it for a reason. So while it was at Vac's anyway, I took the leap of faith. The AR adds a difficult to quantify quality to it. The dial seems to pop out more, and the watch looks more gen-like. Now aim in the process of having each of my APs AR'd. They just look better, sharper. Try one and see how you like it. I'm happy that I did!
  5. Beautiful! Out of curiosity, how long did it take to get back?
  6. I would check with Ryan at intime... He is my "go to" guy for AP watches. . . Email him and he'll tell you what is available . . .
  7. I was going to post a similar question. My brand new AP A7750 will advance the date with the quick-set and when I advance the hands manually, but will not change the date just by running . . . Is this a simple issue or a big issue to fix? I am not sure of the mechanism, but maybe whatever changes the datewheel needs a little too much pressure for the watch to supply itself, which might explain why it changes when I advance it manually . . .?
  8. I'm coming a little late to this party -- just picked up a GP RG with Imaknockov's FC parts from another member -- I have to say that this project is sick beyond words! With the gen strap, it is magnificent! It looks like now, after shelling out big bucks for this rep, I'm going to have to shell out even more big bucks for this strap as well! Well done, Mr. Z!!
  9. The blue dial model is not available, unless you can find one from another member. I have the titanium, which is my regular casual AP. With the faceplate mod, definitely get the double AR -- huge difference -- and you'll need a relume, since the lume is, at least on my RB2, virtually nonexistent.
  10. Depends on how you take care of it. The Don Ramon lies flat on your wrist, so the caseback is where the wear is. I would think that you can coat the case back with a thin layer of acrylic or similar so that the plating would not come into contact with your skin. On the Montoya, which I also have, the main point of contact is the largely the crystal portion of the case back (although the crown probably gets a decent amount of wear from having to set it all the time), and would probably last longer just for that reason. I think that of the two, I like my Montoya "more" than my Don Ramon and it gets more wrist time, but they are both beautiful, as Sardonix's pictures accurately show!
  11. I have a Montoya, and it is a very sweet watch. I highly recommend one.
  12. I love my Don Ramon (if I ever get it back from being serviced, that is). But Sardonix, why didn't Domi put the crystal back on your watch? Isn't that bad for it?
  13. Nice! I am lusting after that! Ryan is definitely my "go-to" guy . . not only great service, but also super fast shipping because he ships from Shanghai rather than Guanghzou.
  14. Thanks! I like the watch enough that I will probably just send it off to Vac for a full service and possibly AR and in the course of the movement service, he will fix this issue . . . But if you know a god watchsmith in Miami so that it does not disappear for 2 months, let me know!
  15. I just got my RB2 in titanium from Ryan a couple of weeks ago. It is an amazing rep. For true authenticity, the plate mod must be done, but unless you own a gen to compare it to or you frequent these forums, I doubt that anybody would know the difference. Let's face it . . . there are only 1,000 in the wild. Unless you are on these forums, you would never know the specific "tells" for this watch. I have several friends that all have various AP gens (Tourbillon Concept, T3, Alinghi Carbon, Panda) and they have all looked at my RB2, RGRC or Don Ramon de la Cruz at a party or over dinner and not had a clue that they were reps.
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