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  1. importr

    Experience with Toro

    Hi all I've never bought from Toro before. I've paid up and approved the order, got the DHL tracking details but it still hasn't been dispatched after almost a week. Is this normal for Toro or can I put it down to Christmas? The other dealers I use are normally quite fast at despatch.
  2. importr

    What the hell is this?!?!?!?

    The prices are ridiculous. What Fracture said was completely agreeable. There are friends of mine who used to buy one or two reps from me but when I tell them how much the latest ones cost,none are interested. To a non watch geek, 300+bucks is a lot of money to drop on what they perceive Should be a cheap fake Swiss Watch.
  3. importr

    Longines caseback removal

    That tool required looks similar to a 15 edge breitling tool. Size varies from corner to flat and these can be bought inexpensively from eBay. The oem casebacks are usually very tight. Alternatively a GOOD quality Jaxa style tool will open as long as the watch head is well secured. A decent watch smith will be able to loosen it off if all else fails.
  4. importr

    What's wrong with my 3714?

    Thanks. I'll need it!
  5. importr

    What's wrong with my 3714?

    Well... I finally took a blade to my 3714... And got the bezel off! No damage thankfully but boy was it tight. Removed the hands and dial and performed the graphite lube mod. Also lubed the jewel that the secs pivot sits in. Now I'm pleased to report that the watch is still running 10 hours later whilst being worn. Something that it never managed before. Fingers crossed that I haven't spoken too soon!
  6. importr

    Major changes coming to RWG

    What we need is a rep with "Rwg 9th anniversary" on the case back
  7. importr

    Rep SOSF stem issue

    It sounds like the keyless works just needs resetting. Has someone removed the stem before? If so, it's possible that the stem release was pressed too hard which would dislodge the setting lever which enables the stem to engage the clutch and winding pinion etc
  8. importr

    3717 Project Complete

    If I still had a 3717, and saw this Triangle, I would have self harmed myself by now. Thankfully my 3789 doesn't seem to have this problem. Yay
  9. importr

    3717 Project Complete

    Good job! It looks great, enjoy the new look
  10. importr

    Navitimer 01

    This is mine with the rhodium under black dial which earlier Reps didn't have. I don't think the latest cartel navis with modded dw have the rhodium plating.
  11. importr

    What's wrong with my 3714?

    I oil the Jewels and pivots with watch oil and an oiler like I do for most of my reps with Asian movements. Never had this problem before and it wouldn't explain why it works for 2 days solid when not worn. Think it's cursed. Problem also is that the bezel has to come off to remove the movement?
  12. importr

    What's wrong with my 3714?

    So I've had this (from new) for about 3 weeks now, and it has been problematic from the start. Arrived doa for which I managed to get going again with lubrication. When it's fully wound and left on the table, it'll run for 2 days solid. But if I wear it fully wound, it stops after 15 to 30 mins. This happens every time I wear it. I'm beginning to think that body heat is causing friction in the gears! Other than throwing it against a brick wall, should I attempt the graphite lubrication mod, or send it to domi for a full stripdown? I've got another 3714 which has been working like a dream in comparison.
  13. importr

    March.... The 3rd

    Tick tick tick tick BOOM!