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  1. Are they forum members? Chris
  2. That would be fantastic,I've emailed a recommended uk based repair but heard no reply Chris
  3. It's very good of you to recommend an alternative solution, much appreciated Chris
  4. Can anyone recommend a trusted dealer who stocks the bullhead Seamaster as in attached photo, can find it on various sites but none from trusted sources..... Chris
  5. I haven't decided as yet,I purchased the watch from Joshua and may replace,I've tried locally but no-one is able to source the parts to repair Chris
  6. I purchased this from Joshua around 18 months ago and it's been a great watch until recently it's developed an issue with the crown, after setting the time and date which works no problems,the crown just won't click back into place, is this something that can be repaired?, can anyone recommend anyone who can repair?, I love the watch and its a real shame. I live in West Yorkshire, hope someone can advise, unsure if parts are needed, Thankyou Guys.. Chris
  7. I got my part from Josh (who I got the watch from) I've tried unscrewing the part and it seems to be fixed together as one piece,so frustrating-love the watch.... Chris
  8. I have an Omega Planet Ocean and managed to lose the HE valve,I kindly had one sent across to me but the threads are the same,could anyone advise whether the thread on the actual watch is removable,can anyone help me?,taken it to a watch repair who says he can't get the thread out?,I've contacted Josh who says to glue it but still have the thread problem,thankyou Chris Chris Can't believe I missed the T off planet! Chris
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