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  1. Aero_Dave

    Ploprof strap alternative

    Now that's a good looking watch right there ;-) Enjoy it AJ Dave...
  2. Aero_Dave

    Ploprof on Stingray

    Looks Great! Love that combo! Dave...
  3. Aero_Dave

    My latest pick up

    Nice, it that a Martin? Dave...
  4. Aero_Dave

    New Shark Mesh

    So far, using the Apple watch all day the lowest I've gotten it to at the end-of-the-day is 26%. That's from 6:00am - 11:00pm. Dave...
  5. Aero_Dave

    Mont Blanc Pens

    Yes, the GBS is Black. I know it should be green, but its still a nice pen. Here it is next to my gen Omas & MB 75th Annv. Dave...
  6. Aero_Dave

    New Shark Mesh

    BTW, these are the adapters I bought and they fit! http://www.ebay.com/itm/181767792378 Dave...
  7. Aero_Dave

    New Shark Mesh

    MOAB, The large size is 167mm. Not sure if that's big enough for you, but they have different styles and some come in different sizes. You have to check each one on their size options. Dave...
  8. Aero_Dave

    New Shark Mesh

    Of course it will fit. 1st he needs to buy the new strap adapters. Then you can get any strap for it. Just check Fleabay. :-) Dave...
  9. Aero_Dave

    New Shark Mesh

    Well, Apple says its 'Waterproof' but only light water, like rain. So no Diving with this one! Dave...
  10. Aero_Dave

    New Shark Mesh

    So, as some of you may have read, I bought the Apple Watch. I decided I wanted a heavier Shark Mesh bracelet, over the Milanese Loop bracelet that came with it. So I ordered a Strap Code Retro Ploprof Shark Mesh Band, Polished 24mm. This one has the 'Seat Belt' buckle. It takes a little bit getting used to putting it on, but so far I like it a lot! The bracelet is 83grams in weight, 4.0mm thick mesh & has 6 micro adjustable holes. I ordered the size I needed, 127mm x 145mm and it fits Perfect, using the middle micro adjustment hole. Its nice you can order 3 different sizes so you don't have to cut any links, hopefully. I think its well worth the cost. Ordered it last Tuesday, arrived today! Dave...
  11. Aero_Dave

    For those that bought the Apple Watch..

    Nah, I don't need a Face Time Camera in mine. So far, I got no complaints with my Apple Watch. I know newer models will come out and if / when a newer model comes out that I think I'll need, then I'll just get it. Just like any other Smartphone. Sell-it on the secondary market and move-on. No big deal! BTW, if Apple is already saying sometime in 2016, it will most likely be very late in 2016 or early 2017. Also the watch displayed in that ad (with the landscape timeface) is the new Watch OS2 coming out soon. It's called Nighttime mode! Dave...
  12. Aero_Dave

    Mont Blanc Pens

    I have a Gen MB 75th Anniversary pen and love it. I also have a really nice Rep MB George Bernard Shaw limited edition Roller Ball. I found the Schmidt ceramic roller insert #5888 fits this rep pen. The inserts do not have any threads on them and the original insert on the rep Shaw pen uses them. I found that I can just push and screw-in the inserts and the pen cuts the threads in the plastic insert and it’s a perfect fit. The pen is nice & heavy, Very Smooth insert makes writing a breeze. I’ll try to find out where I bought the pen from. Dave...
  13. Aero_Dave

    Something I do not do, but in this case.

    I too am very sorry to hear this tragic news. I can’t image going through this. MOAB, thanks for posting this, the gesture of offering the forums help & support. I’m sure Legend is very grateful to have friends and support during this time of tragedy. Dave…
  14. Aero_Dave

    Apple Watch - My Perspective / Review

    Wrist Shot: Yes, I tried the Pebble 1st just to see if this was something I'd really be interested in. But I quickly found the Pebble just sends a copy of a message to the watch, but you can't do anything with it. I guess if the Pebble even offered some 'Canned' replies that would be good. But they don't so I found the Pebble to be useless and wanted more. So I ordered the Apple and so far, its good (for me). Dave....
  15. Aero_Dave

    June 12 2015

    Don't hate me: Dave...