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  1. Happy Birthday wiseguy1481!

  2. Happy Birthday wiseguy1481!

  3. Hey my man, I agree but are there any reps out there that at least "get the job done" and are a close 2nd place so that I can at least wear my watches until I can source a gen? The rep inserts/pearls I have now for both watches are 100% off. I have seen a few of you post pics of your BP/Noobs 116610 subs and the pearl doesn't look all that bad.
  4. Hey Gents, I am having a heck of a time sourcing GEN ceramic inserts for my Submariners - 116610 and 116618 (Blue/gold). Honestly in my opinion the pearl on the subs is what gives the watch away from the get go.... are there any current reps out there that are getting better and if so, where can I source just the inserts themselves? Thanks, Wise
  5. Hey Gents, I am considering buying the 116610 ceramic insert from WSO on the bay... anyone have any experience with these bezels by chance? I purchased a TT oyster bracelet from them many months ago and was pretty satisfied with the quality and customer service. But the bezel/pearl is a BIG tell on reps and I want to know if their inserts are any good? Thanks, Wise
  6. Well.... anyone have a DW Daytona that you are willing to sale for the right price?
  7. Anyone...?? Where can I source the best Daytona 6265?
  8. Hey Guys, AFTER spending the last 2 hours looking through the different threads on 6265 builds and TD purchases I have come across DW having the best OTB 6265. My question... When going to DW's section there are a lot of people with issues dealing with DW. What options are out there for the best OTB 6265? Thanks, Wise
  9. Hey Guys, What is the "code" and/or rules against selling reps on eBay even if they are called out as a replica? Or.... what if the watches are 100% GEN but just built with gen parts (i.e., superfranken). I have two watches that are superfranken that I am taking a big hit on and I am wondering what other options I have such as eBay to sell my watches and try to recoup as much as I can from my builds. Thoughts?
  10. wow... yeah, that is REALLY purple, my man! that is a shame because the 116613 are amazingly beautiful.
  11. Absolutely Amazing!! I want this one.... Caddell Submariner Rouge 25-295-C...
  12. This looks pretty good to me... pearl looks good, dial and handset looks pretty good. I would say its gen... if its not... I want one and where can I get one?
  13. WOW!!!!!!!! This may be the worst one yet.... Look at each picture in detail... its a different watch in every picture. WOW!!! AND..... it has 37 bids with the current bid at $5,600...........ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The other problem I have is that I have only been doing this "rep" game for roughly 7 months and I have literally spent SO much time looking at watches and the "tells" of how our reps look like a rep that I am so anal about my watches now... hence wanting to go GEN. If I see ONE little thing wrong with one of my watches I just want to sale it and buy something else... this forum has ruined me!!! haha
  15. @Mike, no joke, I think about that all of the time. I can buy a TC put in a GEN insert be into the watch roughly $800ish and turn around and sale it for $5,500+ on eBay... 99.9% of people wouldn't even know the difference. Its a shame that someone would do this and is even more of a shame that someone would do this with a watch that LOOKS SO FAKE!
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