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  1. Old Mill District, Downtown Bend...
  2. And another...
  3. Home...
  4. Thank you...
  5. Shot from the patio deck of Salty's on the columbia river...
  6. Me and my boy...
  7. My mistress number 2...
  8. Right back at ya... Wishing eveyone the very best this Christmas week... TT
  9. I'm just glad it was your finger and not your noggin ol' friend... The bride and I are planning a trip your way to visit family this coming year... Be prepared Speaking of family - do you know the Senden's? Bob & Judy? Coach at the high school for many years - retired now...
  10. It is indeed a common courtesy... And also is a bitch to police... And quite frankly, probably not going to happen... 'Where People gather, Life Happens' TT
  11. Sorry Indy... Not shutting 'er down... TT
  12. Have at boys... Sorry for the delay in repair... TT
  13. @Tomas415 I'm going to take this one step further than freddy has... This is your one and only warning to stand down on this subject... I'm tired of it... We're tired of it... If you choose to ignore this demand, or if you even appear to be letting Z use your account to access the forum, you will then be banned yourself... Not playing games here big boy... Move along and enjoy the forum for its purpose... TT