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  1. Yes, I ordered from the ttw168 site, I was just concerned that he asked me to use a completely different business name/URL for PayPal. Thanks for the review link, I guess I should have done a bit more research and purchased the PO that everyone here really likes, but the Seamaster is the one I've always wanted!
  2. Hello all, I'm having some issues with the forum, I think it's bc I'm on the mobile site bc some of the links that worked on my desktop no longer work! So forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I've wanted an Omega watch since high school, and I actually asked for one for graduation, not knowing how much they actually cost (this was way before the Internet!). Anyway, I've decided a replica was a fiscally smarter decision than buying a real one, so I stumbled on to this forum, thankfully before I fell prey to all those scam sites. I have 2 questions! 1) I ordered from Trusty Time and I got an email from Andrew requesting I use dtstrapman.com as the business name due to copyright concerns, which makes sense yet also seems extremely sketchy to me. 2) Does anyone have experience with this particular watch? I guess it's new, I see nothing about it, or maybe it's this confounded mobile vs desktop version that keeps getting in the way. Oops I can't post links, it's the OMG0011SW01 - Omega Seamaster GMT 2005 - Swiss ETA (New) on ttw168. Anyway, I would appreciate any help/insights you may have! With that, I am going to bed!
  3. Welcome to the forums HMCS JK :)

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