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  1. Thanks. It’s actually like this now. Has the dial and insert swapped recently.
  2. Thank you. Yes it is. Please PM me if interested.
  3. I have this. All period correct. P serial
  4. Rep and gen 904 are very white but rep has a brown hue ([censored] color) in certain lights gen is blue. Some may disagree but it’s easily seen when next to each other. Put two bands on top of each other under 5k lighting and look at the sides. You will see it quick. I’m sure it has to do with the purity and source of the materials. It’s been said before with people that deal regularly with metals. The stuff from China may be the same composition but it’s definitely not the same quality...
  5. Try to curve the tips a little bit on the top. That way it snap closed before putting the flip lock
  6. It’s not better. It’s too square on the CG and needs to be modded to fit SH3135.
  7. Here's mine for reference. I'm pretty sure mine is gen [emoji3]
  8. Take the bracelet off. Cross ref the serial number to date and check engraving quality.
  9. Does it move without the click spring?
  10. Pop the bezel off and reseat it
  11. Gen is Gen. it's always worth it! Whether you want to spend the money is something else...
  12. I don't think this is true about the footprint. People buy the SA3135 watches to drop a yuki in it. On the other hand, the yuki will not fit in the 2836 case. (Based on what I've read) crown and stem height is different. Others get the 2836 reps for ease of service and availability of parts. I think that is changing now though. The yuki or SH3135 is starting to be available in more pieces from TDs. There's a bunch of threads about this yuki vs sa3135 vs sh3135
  13. I would say clark first actually. I haven't seen the ST crystal. I have seen the clark crystal for a DJ II 41mm and it was pretty impressive for the price. It had the same black hole effect on the date like gen. You might have to play around with the gasket. Just ask Gary what's up. Tell him what you're looking for and he'll set you up. If anything get different size gasket just incase
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