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  1. Do you still have the Breitling folding clasp?

  2. I have the SS black dial and need to get the blue. It is my second BPFF. Sold the first one and regretted it.
  3. I thought the draw was paying $6k for a watch with a $150 pocket watch movement.
  4. Happy Birthday elconquistador!

  5. I get lucky on ebay all the time. I get outbid on things I should buy in the first place.
  6. Sure. Upgrading from the ashes of the server that [censored] the sheets Wednesday
  7. Looks like a Breitling had a thresome with an Omega DSOTM and a basketball.
  8. All those use the same movement. Very robust st19
  9. I had it refinished / repainted. Have one for sale on WUS [emoji1]
  10. I have done a few Hamiltons. 10s pocket watch movements are the perfect size for a modern wristwatch.
  11. So after a lot of work and time that watch that frustrated you will be one you love. After a lot of work and time that car you love will be one that frustrates you. Like the watch, 5 years in there will not be an original part on it.
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