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  1. Bigwaved

    6154 Case

    I have my own dial blanks of the following configurations: 37mm- RP LP 39mm- RP LP MM MMLP with subseconds LPMM with subseconds LP with subseconds **subseconds spacing is for 616, 618, 3601, 6497 If you want something other than those, they need to be forced by someone else. I hope that helps.
  2. Bigwaved

    Show the PAM combo you choose today

    Here are a few more shots:
  3. Bigwaved

    what you drive?

  4. These builds of yours never get old to look at.
  5. Bigwaved

    6154 case options

    Here is a picture again since photobucket blew up.
  6. Bigwaved

    Show the PAM combo you choose today