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  1. Heyy guys, I am wondering if my parcel is lost or is this normal that I have no news since 11/30... When I check others tracking on the web, it's written that the same day or one day after the parcel is "RECEIVED to Roissy..." ROYAL MAIL Tracking: 30/11/13 AM DESPATCHED TOROISSY CTCI IMP RAP FRANCE 30/11/13 01:30 RECEIVED ATHEATHROW WORLDWIDE DC HEATHROW WORLDWIDE DC 29/11/13 21:13 DESPATCHABLE TOHEATHROW WORLDWIDE DC ROMFORD MAIL CENTRE 29/11/13 19:52 COLLECTED ROMFORD MAIL CENTRE 29/11/13 17:00 ACCEPTED AT POL Is it also possible that the customs find it ? Or there are no con
  2. Welcome to the forums alexdurep :)

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