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  1. rg21044

    Hfac newest or noob v4 pam111?

    Really? Please tell me more. I have heard good and bad things but first hand experience is always best.
  2. rg21044

    Hfac newest or noob v4 pam111?

    I went with the noob v4. I hope I actually get a v4 as I have heard that many dealers are combining versions to rid themselves of old stock before the true switch to v4.
  3. Which one to get? I see pros and cons to each? Thanks
  4. rg21044

    Besides watches, what are your hobbies?

    I was gonna say I like to play a little golf from time to time but it just doesn't seem butch enough after that post.
  5. rg21044

    Vintage Breitlings

    If you are looking for a rep just buy one of the ones being offered on eBay as gen from South America. They are more than likely not authentic. Just don't pay the asking price.
  6. Very nice. I spent about 25 times as much for mine. I'm not sure it is 25 times better. Enjoy it. btw, id love to see the caseback and a side profile so I can see the shape of the lugs. Thanks.
  7. I have a genuine Super Avenger II and I was under the impression that no rep...not even a poorly done version...of this model existed. Can you point me toward the one you referenced in your post? Thanks.
  8. rg21044

    Ouch! Gen 1675 Modified to ProHunter

    Probably because he can. You can't teach good taste.
  9. There are good deals to be had from private sellers on watchrecon. You shouldn't have a problem getting what you want with box and matching papers for $2500 or so. Just be patient and do your due diligence. Good luck.
  10. Buy the h factory v2 rep. It's 95% accurate for 15% of the price.
  11. rg21044


    I'm conus. Nice to meet you. Why the name change? Being a member since 2009 would make you an OG.
  12. rg21044

    I am desperate - hip dysplasia

    Imajedi shares my concerns. I would be much more likely to donate if this kid was honest..."I have no work ethic and no marketable skills. Please subsidize my lifestyle"
  13. rg21044

    The critters are out again

    You, Sir, are a gambler.
  14. rg21044

    The critters are out again

    I hope you take along your 454 Casull.
  15. rg21044

    How old is the rep market?

    I don't know if this helps but I had a very bad Rolex President in 1987.