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  1. If you have a spare 7750 movement ring laying around it can serve pretty well.
  2. Mike!


    did you get my emails?

    // Rob

  3. Hi there bud!

    plz update me regarding the 16610 :)

    // Rob

  4. Still waiting for your reply Mike! :)

  5. Hi! 

    I’ve been trying to reach you for weeks now. Plz contact me. // Rob

  6. Good to hear he is well, but a shame he is in the hospital again. Wishes for a speedy recovery to Rolli.
  7. Hello gents, I've emailed every couple of months over the past year or so and the replys are becoming very rare. Anyone heard from Rolf lately? @rolli you are missed around here. I hope all is well!
  8. Fantastic News Rolli!!! We all can’t wait to hear about upcoming projects!
  9. Rolli has been laying low taking care of his health. Best wishes to him!
  10. DSN offers a newly upgraded crystal. Ask for his new PAM029A crystal.
  11. I'd love to know more about this build. What was required? Is it a straight swap?
  12. I know where it is, it just hasn't found it's way to me yet.
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