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  1. Years ago I bought many watches from SILIX when Angel & Jay were there, and I never had a problem with them; and if there ever was a problem with a watch they fixed it Years later, Angel and Jay left. Michelle was there ... and it wasn't the same anymore. I bought him a replacement strap for my CARTIER SANTOS 100 Crhonograph. (My avatar's) The strap did not fit the watch and a watchmaker had to put it on me as best he could. My ROLEX YACH-MASTER recently had an accident and the bezel broke. I went to Michelle to buy her a bezel and she was not able to find one. All of these wa
  2. Hi Guys, Many years ago I bought a CARTIER Santos 100 watch from Angel & Jay. Over time the strap broke and when I wanted to buy another new Angel & Jay they were gone. In her place was Michelle who sold me the strap. The strap did not fit well and I had to go to a watchmaker to put it on. The strap did not appear to be custom made for this watch. The strap is about to break again. I wanted to ask you if you know of a dealer who can sell me a good option. The CARTIER santos 100 watch has an Asian 7750 automatic chronograph movement at 28800vph, with the date slightly sunk. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, Which is the best dealer to buy a Hublot Classic Fusion replica in 45 or 42 mm titanium and ship to Spain? Thanks
  4. I know to silix for 16 months. In this time I have bought him more than 15 watches (for me, for my wife, for my parents, etc) and the treatment has always been very good. Their prices are also cheaper with the same quality
  5. Thank you for your answer. In fact I am very happy with my Cartier Santos 100 chronograph asian 7750 (my Santos 100 chronograph asian movement 7750 has not given me any problem in 6 months using it, contrary to other partners of the forum). It only has a failure: the window of the date wheel is a little small, and the date is a little sunken regarding the window. Do you know some way to get that the date is not sunken? To substitute the date of the asian 7750 for the date of the swiss 7753, or another possibility? (I go up you two pics: one with the Swiss movement and another with th
  6. It's possible change a movement asian automatic 7750 for movement eta 7753? (in Cartier Santos 100 chronograph replica) Thanks
  7. Hello friends: I wanted to ask if you know some movement ETA or Asian designed originally to be GMT. Non modification of ETA 2836, for example. Thanks


    Hello friends: I wanted to ask if you know some movement ETA or Asian designed originally to be GMT. Non modification of ETA 2836, for example. Thanks
  9. Silix has the same model (the same numeration in caseback) 30 $ cheaper.
  10. Hello friends: Do you know if it is very complicated to change the dial of a Rolex? Thanks
  11. Hello friends: Can you tell me some replica GMT whose mechanism is ETA 2893-2? Thanks
  12. Hello: Can you tell me if with jaxa key the caseback Rolex and Panerai open? Thanks
  13. Hello: I know to silix for more than one year. In this time I have bought him more than ten clocks. Some for me and other for my friends. It is a great dealer. If I have had a problem with some watch one he has sent me another one. It is also quite cheaper that other dealer of this forum with the same quality. The cartier santos 100 chronograph that the one sells is a fantastic watch. The movement asian 7750 I believe that it is very good. The watch is ahead 5 up-to-date seconds. I have had in my hand a genuine cartier santos 100 chronograph and its reply is extremely similar I recommend
  14. My Cartier Santos 100 Cronograf. Movement: Asian 7750 automatic. Fantastic movement. In seven days he has been ahead 38 seconds (+ 5,42 seg. / day). Bought to silix.
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