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  1. I agree with automatico above, shaving down the dial to 26.0 mm was too hasty indeed, especially on a gen dial. Your only option now is buying a cartel case and see if it all works out.
  2. WTF man I had no idea! I'm deeply saddened by this. RIP Rolf, I wish I could have thanked you more for the help and advice you gave me
  3. Last reply I got from her was Oct 2. Did she disappear all.of a sudden?
  4. Dials are painted by bigwaved, maybe he's a member here too.
  5. Thin CB would be more correct, but not as thin as Athaya's All cases have been reshaped and aged. Pic is from a comparison thread I posted a while ago on RWI and HF. I can say I have a thing for 6154's
  6. Athaya is currently the best choice by far. As in any vintage build, case will need quite some work in order to reshape some sensible areas and get the correct finish. Dial wise you need a 1mm thick 39mm wide dial which is not like gen (1.6mm thick, 2 piece construction) but it will look very close to gen if made by the right people. Athaya on top, new River in the middle, old River.bottom
  7. Positive vibes coming to you Rolli, get well soon!
  8. Such a beautiful watch! Nicely done
  9. Remove the outer bezel, take the friction ring and bend it in four places. Don't worry to bend it too much, do it as much as you can. Press the outer bezel back in place. Voilà.
  10. Thank you gents, much appreciated!
  11. Vintage 5513 Submariner A slightly different take Hello gents, what I am presenting tonight is my latest 5513 build. I was inspired by the dial to give the watch a very worn look, with some heavier than usual marks and scuffs. A real heavy duty watch. Non-matching hands are reasonably common in the vintage Panerai world, while they are quite rare if not non existent in the Rolex world. I thohght they were looking just right in this build. What do you think? Here is the parts list: - Cartel donor watch reshaped, aged and polished. Lugs drilled for 2mm springbars - Sternkreuz low dome T19 plexi - Cartel insert faded to almost ghost, no pearl - Vietnam dial with dark mustard markers, beautiful unique dial - JK hands relumed and aged - Strap made by an italian strapmaker found on ebay Some more pics: Hope you enjoyed the reading and pics
  12. Just trying to keep the budget under control
  13. Vintage Panerai 6154 The Claw Yes, I built another 6154. I don't know how many of these watches I built but no matter what each time I found it a pleasure for the eye and the soul. It started as a fairly simple 6154 but I often mention each build has its own life, and this one was not different. I think of it as "the claw". I did not mean to crack the crystal, it was totally random. For some reason I thought placing the built case including plexi in the ultrasonic cleaner with some alcohol I use for cleaning purposes was a good idea. Turned out it was, but for a different reason than I thought Luckily, for the rest it all went smooth more or less. Bigwaved provided a nice dial, Athaya nice hands, Dellone a good Molnija with Rolex bridges, Orloff a great strap and voilà: another nice HF build! More pics: That's all for now, see you soon with more stuff. Hope you enjoyed the reading and pics
  14. Wow i dont think steph_dexter's purpose was to see his boxes sold as gen... scammer needs to be reported.
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