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  1. Try OWC Micky. I’ve done a couple 2012/13 iMacs without breaking a sweat. An extra pair of hands to hold the LCD while replacing the drive is advisable and makes things a lot easier IMhO. https://eshop.macsales.com/shop/ssd/owc/imac Install videos are pretty handy too: https://eshop.macsales.com/installvideos/
  2. Amazing combo! Did the buckle come with the strap?
  3. Curious to hear about its power reserve! Not an expert here, but that balance bridge resembles the P3000's clone ones... Since the The GEN P4000's are 72h, would be awesome if we were looking at an auto version of the P3000 clone, wouldn't it
  4. Terminal 2 is fine really. Would avoid flying anything other than AirFrance and - by all means - Terminal 1!! Differently from LHR, I meant ADs in Paris mate. Last December I got this 36mm purple dial 116000 (bottom left) to the wife for €3,400 Few CDG AD prices as of Dec/16:
  5. Some good piece of advices here. I'd corroborate with [mention=34236]altesporsche[/mention] on LHR prices, and would add Paris if you know the right people for 30% eligible "VAT" discounts on current Rolex and Cartier.
  6. Necro bumping day guys sorry… Having the same issues and google sent me here
  7. Damn too bad I can't see this pics (and my apologies for this necro-bump )
  8. Bumping this old thread just to remind myself how incredibly similar these movements are to gen 6497s. Also taking the time to beat myself up every now and then when I check my gen movements... (sorry for the crappy 113 pic, only one I had from the movement..)
  9. Great info as usual guys, subscribed Thx!
  10. Sweet Jesus, this is amazing!!! Congrats and thanks a lot for this!!
  11. Curiously, the handwriting on your "brother's" dial tagged pic looks a lot like (what should've been) yours on that 569 sale thread back in late September. Or was it your brother...? Seriously dude...
  12. That is something of an info, thanks mule! Been gathering info to slap my old Swatch's 2824 but this is so much nicer (and expensive.. :))
  13. Here's a cwazy YouTube video that should help to see the difference. For those of you wondering how to check your crystals, that's how they should look if sapphire: And finally I've managed to crack the purplish color ARd...
  14. That is pure beauty! Love your pics, they're so beautiful and that detailed how-to is a feast for the eyes! Congrats, amazing work and skills.
  15. Pete, thanks for all the inputs. I was in touch with Steve (prof's AR look impressive imho) clearing out a handful of doubts I had before shipping him the crystal, but for some reason haven't heard from him afterwards. Regarding the PR I actually did move it, just left a couple mm as I wasn't able to tell if gen really goes all the way to the end of the marker Also, it's really a good idea to put them reps on another wrist, will try that! EU might be an option, but the "water droplet" thing got my attention I mean, it's supposed to be sapphire but I wouldn't be surprised if not. Do you
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