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  1. Hello friends ! I want to share with you my little joy. Today, a gentleman from the old school came to me. Hunting took him quite a long time, but I managed to get it in exchange for one watch from my collection. Today, this beauty can only be found in the secondary market, because they are not in production for a long time. And so we meet: Panerai Watches - Special Series Luminor Arktos PAM 092
  2. Ozerov

    My favorite 7016

    Today I received a parcel from Silix! This is a beautiful performance of the legendary Tudor 7016. I did not change anything and took a photo right after the box was opened. Thanks Silix, great deal! Sincerely Nick Reply Reply With Quote
  3. Ozerov

    Rolex Master GTM vintage.

    Hello! I'm looking for the Rolex Rex of an old Master. If you have any suggestions, please contact the PM. Nick