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  1. I mailed a week ago's and he replied to me...maybe is just a bit busy
  2. Thank you for your reply. You know a direct source from Vietnam? I read that a lot of people buy from there but beside a disappereas seller from ebay and minh qui i did not found any source
  3. Hello Guys, Lately on M2M i see some 7206 replica bracelet whit improved coronet on clasp. (Stolen pics from m2m sale, hope to do not disturb the seller here) I looked and search everywhere for one like that but i not found anything. Anyone know where i could get an improved one? Thank you in advanche for help
  4. Thanks for the tips guys! I will try to be as delicate as possible
  5. Thank you so much for the help! I will do it as said by automatico whit stem pulled all the way out like said by mymanmatt! The right screw is the one circled in Yellow (for future reference) Thank you again for the help guys :-)
  6. Hello Guys, I got a Tudor 7928 whit genuine tudor 390 movement. It has an Athaya 702 crown & tube, i would remove it to replace whit a genuine one i already have it! I have always do small work on my other watches and also do the same thing on 1520 on a franken 5513 so i'm not worried to do it, but i never have it in hand a Tudor 390 movmement and not know how to do it. I believe i just need to unscrew the small screw circled in red, but i'm not sure and not know if to save issue i have to do whit crown in setting time position or winding pos
  7. Both are two of my favourite reference when coming to submariner! the 5512 pcg and that amazing 6538 build whit the addiction of your decals handmade dials are simply stunning! Really great watches! Wear it well!
  8. Just got the JF factory Daytona whit 23J movement. Slim & Genlike. Andrew have this. I prefer the white one it is more accurate than black one. A7750 is not reliable whit mod@6
  9. I have had several 24-700 gen crown installed on sone of my builds and the stem size is always 0.9 so dont worry ;-)
  10. Gen 1675 have 5.3mm crown, to me look ok!
  11. Thank you for your reply Matt! Your idea about solving the problem whit the large tube then tap, cut and install the small tube it's really great, it's not an easy way but for sure a really great idea for save a case! I will try the 24-603 on the tube already installed, and if is not work i will try to find the 24-600.
  12. Hi guys, My 24-600 crown mounted on a JMB 1016 case whit the original 24-6000 tube have some trouble and it's now broken (slippin when set time) I have a couple of 24-603 in my parts box, and since i not found any 24-600, for now i will replace whit one of the 24-603 i already have. The case now is fitted whit the 6 mm tube (24-6000) and now if i have to replace whit 24-5330 i'm a bit worried, i believe it's too small for the 6 mm tube hole, but i also found the 24-6330 tube that fit the 24-603. The difference between the two is that the 24-6330 should replace the 24-6000 t
  13. Thank you for all your help guys Now i'm starting to do something whit Whoopy and Jmb instrucion I keep posted guys!
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