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  1. This is mindblowingly good. I have so much to learn!
  2. what you drive?

    E90 BMW 335i LCI. Big turbo, lots of goodies. Oh yea, a bunch of motorcycles. -2007 SV1000S -2000 SV650 (trackbike) -2004 ZX6R (racebike) -2016 Streetbob
  3. Asian ETA problem.

    Beat error bounces from .6 to 1.7ms with about -15 to +25 s/d, dial up and down respectively. I found a guy selling a complete balance wheel and bridge assembly on eBay from an ETA that he had listed for parts. Once that that shows up I'll do a more in depth cleaning. Thanks a bunch for the help. 👍
  4. Asian ETA problem.

    Thanks for the tips! I ordered a gen ETA pallet and balance assy. The pallet came in Friday and its been running like a charm since install. I also gained a bunch of amplitude as well. It usually ran around 170-180 degrees but now its around 220. Could improper lube on the pallet have caused this? Ill probably put the gen balance assy in as well when it arrives to try and reduce the beat error.
  5. Asian ETA problem.

    Hello Gents. I have a Sub I got from Andrew at TT a year or so back. It's got a high beat ETA clone that's been running well up to a few weeks ago. It randomly stopped running so I started poking around and saw that the balance wheel had jumped the pallet fork. The impulse jewel was striking the outside of the pallet fork essentially locking the movement up. I reset the balance assembly and got it to run again but now this a continuous occurrence. Should I buy a new balance assy? Could the catch on the pallet be worn? I've never ran into this problem.
  6. Is that Tudor still available?

  7. Help with a Trusty Submariner

    That's an even better idea. Thanks again gents!
  8. Help with a Trusty Submariner

    Thanks for all the advice guys. Its much appreciated. I gave it one more shot last night and I guess that time was the charm. It's been running perfectly since. I'm hoping it was a one time thing, but if not I may look at finding a new balance, or even finding an ETA and just swapping the movement completely. Thanks again!
  9. Help with a Trusty Submariner

    So I reset the balance and it works... For about 20-30 seconds until the jewel escapes again 3 attempts and it does it every time. Any advice on what could cause this?
  10. Help with a Trusty Submariner

    Thanks for the reply, I'll take a look. I removed the rotor and took a quick video of the issue.
  11. Help with a Trusty Submariner

    I bought a pretty nice Sub from Andrew about 3 months ago and today i looked down to see not working. It's my 3rd from Trusty and while he offered me a repair at 90 bucks, I don't want to wait the month for shipping if I don't have to. Is anyone wailing to maybe give me some ideas as to what may be common with this momovement? From TT website: Nickle Plated Asian Eta 2836-2 Modified to Rolex Calibre 3135 Markings and Bridges, Automatic Movement, 25J, 28800bph I took the case back off and as far as I can tell, the balance wheel only wants to move one way. Any help is appreciated! I'm in the Western New York area if there's some one closer than China I can ship to for the repair.
  12. Happy Birthday KneeDragger!

  13. Happy Birthday KneeDragger!

  14. eBay Rolex Daytona Replica being sold as Genuine

    My conversation this far. Dear 32dollface1981, That Rolex you're selling is a dreadful fake. Take it down or I am reporting you to Ebay. Pander your counterfeit goods elsewhere. - Kneedragger Dear Kneedragger, Im not sellin it as ginuine. Thats why there r no papers with it. Everyone who bid on it asked me if its real and I said them no. They know its not real so Im doin nothing wrong. - 32dollface1981 Dear 32dollface1981, Actually you are. Selling counterfeit goods is against eBay's terms of use. Not once in your ad do you mention that it isn't genuine. Its shamelessly misleading. And it's also morally reprehensible that you would sell a fake that can be bought from a street vendor for 20 dollars, for over $500. - Kneedragger
  15. eBay Rolex Daytona Replica being sold as Genuine

    Ugh... I wish people did their homework before buying. Edit: I reported the item number to eBay. I'd hate to see someone get ripped off on such a bad rep.