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  1. @GWP123 I Sure we are talking about a thicker gold plating here, and not 78% gold. Do the math. It would be a lot more expensive at the current gold price. 50 gr of gold is around 2000 usd, so this would be a steal.
  2. Seems a bit weird. I wonder if they got that cream laquer color from the original right. its a bit off white.
  3. Admin

    Happy Birthday rkdk!

  4. I agree. I would fly in and get the watch. No question. Ive done deals before, and always face to face.
  5. He is asking 14.000 euros for it, because it needs the service. Service by authorized rolex dealer is around 800 eur, so im thinking its a good deal :-)
  6. He is saying its all gen, but it needs a service. I just want to make sure the movement is all gen, and not a modded valjoux 72
  7. So he sent me a movement shot. i dont know anything about the movement, but im sure you guys can spot a modified v 72
  8. Thank you guys for all your input. Im going to have the movement verified before i do anything at all. no John mayering for me :-)
  9. I just got offered this watch, and i just want to make sure that i dont get robbed on it. What do you guys think? gen or franken.
  10. Exactly. I ended up grabbing the best one i could find. Beautiful dial.
  11. So After buying this watch from whoopy12, i just wasn't feeling the dial it came with. I sharked around for a while, and finally got around to buying this gen dial. It really makes the watch imo. Im super happy about it. Just felt like sharing my grail watch.
  12. Hi guys. Thanks for your input. Im still sharking this one, so ill let you know if i get it :-) cheers RKDK
  13. Hi guys. Just got my killer franken from a fellow member here, and now the hunt begins for improvements. Can anyone help me determine if this is a gen dial? Im really no expert. Cheers RKDK
  14. Admin

    Happy Birthday rkdk!

  15. Dont know if you guys saw it, but here is a new gen White Ceramic diver out. Im not quite convinced, but to each their own.
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