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  1. And just like that the tracking updates and it’s in the uk!! Happy days.
  2. I reached out to TD but no joy. Watch was a Christmas present for the father in law but I suppose he’ll just have to wait lol. Merry Xmas bud :-)
  3. Is anyone else anticipating the delivery of a new watch over the Christmas period? I placed an order and the tracking has been stuck on ‘Pre Advice received’ since 30th November! I can’t remember the last time I waited this long for a delivery and thought it was strange that the tracking info hasn’t updated in 3 weeks. Anyone else got issues over the Xmas period or is this normal for this time of year?
  4. Yep it looks like this is the one then. Thanks for the input guys, hopefully this should keep her happy for a few weeks lol.
  5. Thanks for the advice alligoat. Luckily she likes larger watches and with all that bling it does look quite feminine too. Think I better pull the trigger on this one for her.
  6. She's been on at me to get this watch for her but I'm not sure about it. Not sure about the datejust rep quality either. Anyone help would be appreciated. http://www.trusty-watch.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_12&products_id=10483
  7. Okay so I'm currently in Majorca enjoying some sun and decided to bring my new noob DSSD. However while admiring the face I've now noticed a phantom particle of some description has suddenly appeared between the 10 and 11 marker!! Certainly wasn't there before so baffled where it has come from. I'm thinking it could be a piece of the lume if that is possible that may have come off one of the markers? The lume on the markers at closer inspection does look a bit rough. Is this possible for bits of lume to come off. Here's a pic as best as I could get using my iphone, literally is a white dot/speck.
  8. You will not be disappointed it's a hell of a watch! Post some pics when you you have it pal [emoji4]
  9. I paid $408 for it. Bit pricey but worth every penny. My first purchase from Toro as I normally use trusty but Toro was very good to deal with.
  10. Ahhh now it all makes sense lol!! Thought you had followed me home for a moment!! I have owned a couple of TT's and by far my favourite cars to have owned especially the 225bhp version hence the screen name [emoji4]
  11. Thanks Mike appreciate the compliment. Toro really came through with this beauty and the pearl is spot on! My other reps don't get a look in now :-)
  12. How the hell did you know that lol!! I think I've only posted one pic inside my car so well spotted!! Here's a quick pic lol
  13. Very very nice indeed... enjoy!!
  14. I'll take that as a huge compliment especially as you own a BK. thanks mate!!
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