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  1. I am building a Pam 112 with a gen dial and eta movement. (I am using a sterile solid case back) I have found a pair of gen hands. They are about $200, is it worth paying for gen hands? or just use non gen super lumed hands? Thanks
  2. Do you know if the setting lever for ETA 28xx will fit an ETA 27xx?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I am going to purchase the correct bph movement and have the calendar works removed during service.
  4. I am starting a Tudor 9401 build and have access to two different eta 27xx series movements (this is what will fit the dial). The watch should have an eta 2776 which is a 21.6 bph with no date (cannot find a movement for sale). I can get an eta 2772, 21.6 bph, with a date (for a good price); or eta 2771 28.8 bph, no date (for a little more money). Would you choose the lower beat and incorrectly have a date setting? or higher beat with no date? Thanks
  5. Thanks i will check out yuki and keep my eye on the m2m sales. They want $150 for that dial.
  6. What is your opinion on this 5513 dial? It has eta feet, which I like for this build, singer stamped on the back 26mm. I am considering it for a build but it is kind of expensive and I am not sure of accuracy.
  7. I haven't modified the the st retaining ring yet. I got the gen bezel ring on with a crystal press but it doesn't turn easily. I ordered an additional st retaining ring to mod but haven't worked on it yer.
  8. No i am using a st crystal retaining ring. That must be the problem. I guess i need to modify the st retaining rng or find a gen.
  9. I have a sub with ST3135 case and tried to install a gen bezel ring and couldn't get it to fit. Tried for about 45 minutes. Has anyone installed a gen bezel ring on this case? or maybe some advice on what I am doing wrong? Thanks
  10. I thought would be the guinea pig and just roll the dice. Order a case and hope for the best. If I get the case, other forum members would benefit. I went through the checkout process until payment. The only option was cash on delivery. At that point I ejected. I have never purchased anything via that method and didnt want this transaction to be the first.
  11. That was my concern. I was just enticed by the price of the case. Thanks for the reply.
  12. I am looking to purchase a 7750 case for a franken tudor build. There is a site www.dw-daytona.com; that looks like you can order from them. I think is was the original source of dw cases. Has anybody ordered from this site recently or is long gone? Thanks,
  13. Thanks for the insight. I will probably look for a silver date wheel overlay with round 3's and keep it accurate.
  14. I have a franken 16800 with gen dial & hands aged tritium in a st3135 case yuki 3135. I want the date disc to have vintage font and open 6 9. I am having a hard time finding a 3135 date disc with open 6 9. I ordered a silver date wheel overlay with open 6 9 and am going to make my own date disc. The only problem is the dwo has fllat top 3's. I think it would give the watch a nice vintage look but I don't believe it is period correct. Do you think the flat top 3's will look completely out of place on a 16800? Thanks
  15. Nightwatch, thanks for the reply & links. I will keep my eye out for the correct size on chrono24.
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