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  1. Happy Birthday smaths!

  2. It was from Andrew @ Trusty and it is the one with the Miyota movement
  3. I joined here several months ago because I wanted to buy my husband a seamaster for his 40th birthday and didn't think I could afford a gen one. To cut a long story short, I unexpectedly got some money and found I could stretch to a 2nd hand one, and so he was a very happy man on his birthday. It is beautiful! I adore watches and have enjoyed browsing through the forums and learning about all the gorgeous reps that are out there - it's opened a whole new world to me, I just had to get a top end watch for myself. Unfortunately I couldn't afford a second gen (yet)! The Omega reps for ladies seem to be pretty thin on the ground - I'm not very delicate, so a seamaster suits me a lot more than something "pretty". I also looked at the Tag Link (too cheap!) and the Cartier Santos (too dear!) then toyed with the idea of a 42mm PO but the strap on the 300M is so much nicer and a 42mm would be pretty ostentatious. Then I saw afew weeks back that there are new SMP ladies versions on some TDs sites. Could I find anything more about them here or anywhere else? Nada. I wasn't sure when I looked at the photos on the TD sites. Would it look good? Then I just couldn't help myself and pulled the trigger. The first watch I got QA pics for was pretty bad, it had a very obvious misalignment of the 12 o'clock markers. I'm no expert like some of you guys but I spotted it right away. I was a bit concerned that I'd made an expensive mistake. Then I got a second set of pics - much better! Not perfect, I'm sure, but I'm happy. I don't know the "tells" for this watch so don't burst my bubble too badly! At the end of the day its for wearing for fun, I love the loook of it so I don't mind if some things aren't quite right - I'd never pretend if asked that it was gen. As an added bonus the movement seems to be pretty good, it's a miyota one but seems very accurate so far! The strap was also very easy to resize, i had to take 4 links out I think, but it was done in under 10 minutes, the screws were easy even for a complete novice like me. So, here it is:
  4. Hey. Been lurking for a while now, but not posted before. I spent a looooooong time looking at reps on this site and RWI to buy my husband a nice Omega for his birthday, then realised I could actually afford a preowned gen SMP300, so I got him one (he's not got it yet, birthday not for a few weeks yet)! Now I've been bitten by the Omega bug - I'm looking for a nice seamaster planet ocean rep (can't afford two real ones!) for myself, ladies size (37.5mm) - I'm especially keen on one of the white-faced one ...but any I've come across so far have been very poor quality. I've seen the black PO with orange numerals on perfect clones (I tried to link to it but I haven't enough posts so it wouldn't let me - but it's one of the two that are in the perfect clones site's ladies seamasters section) - has anyone seen this watch in the flesh and is it any good? (or can point me to some decent white ones?). I think a 42mm would be just a little bit too big for me, especially as the reps are a bit thicker than gen, i think?
  5. Happy Birthday smaths!

  6. Welcome to the forums smaths :)

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