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  1. One quick question, the crystal on the 4.1 noob is actually AR coated on the inside side? Or it is only advised on the product description? Because I can't distinguish the right side when remounting it on the bezel.. how to? thanks!
  2. Who is the best in EU To superlume mod my dial and bezel? I need to do this work !
  3. Thank you so Much for the time spent writing the post..! The marker is now clean, but it (and the other that was simply pressed down to reallign with an ear bud and water, so it were clean first) is of a different color, light grey, I Think the water and humidity caused this.. Maybe some hydrogen water or sanding lightly with some fine sandpaper? What do you Think? They need to be re whitened.. What a mess!
  4. No one?? I don't know what to do, can't find any info..
  5. Hello everyone, today I dropped my ap diver 4.1 noob on the floor... No external marks, but the bezel crown got a bad shock, resulting in an internal bezel misallign. When I tested the circular movement, the bezel ring got scratched by the dial marker when rotating, and the painting/metal residues ended up floating around the dial and the lume markers. I've disassembled the watch (I also need to remove some scuffs, press the glass down better, and grease up the mov.), checked the crown and the bezel mechanism (all in perfect state), and fixed the black painting on the bezel ring (black pen marker). UNFORTUNATELY when I cleaned up the painting from the lumed marker (first simply blowing over it, and next with a soft toothpick rinsed with water), its bright white colour changed to a more dull one.. And the same thing appened to another marker when I pressed it down with the same tool (but this one was clean, no metal residues Over it). What to do now? What is the best way to clean it? Need to pose another light level of lume? Another question, I pressed one of them down because it appeared lightly relieved. Are they glued? I ask this because at first glance they seemed To me snapped in an hole on the dial, but when I tried to remove the most damaged one to clean it better, some glue like material peeled under it, so I tried to reset it down but It was moving freely, I don't know how to perfectly reallign it and if the glue will resist for a long time. Your help is very appreciated.
  6. I want to thank both of you guys, posting pic as fast it arrives!! Really appreciate your support!
  7. I've read some topics.. But I don't understand if the bezel sticks to minutes (so it will be impossible to actually align it perfectly). I'm afraid to make you sad.. Not my intention! I've done 4 days readings for it (so it's not the post count that matters I Think.. I usually prefer to read instead, maybe not understanding all perfectly.. English is not my language ) btw I've checked all the other details and they are ok, only not sure for the misalligned date glass and the bezel.. Got only two front photos that are virtually the same!
  8. Hello everyone, I most read instead of posting.. I want to ask you if the date glass is wrong (not aligned/cutted well) and if the inner bezel rotates freely so i can adjust and align it perfectly. It is a noob 4.1 Tell me if you see other flaws! I've passed the night reading all the AP roo diver topics but I'm not sure seeing this photo. I appreciate your help!
  9. Welcome to the forums Vanx :)

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