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  1. Everyone wants to do one of these but few are willing to put the money in that it costs to do well. A budget version of this is EXTREMELY hard to do... possibly even harder than the 3k+ option... for example, no budget case for this build exists currently, without some pretty damn great case mods. There used to be a Puretime 6542 which is no longer available which I did a build with, that case is not great at all but kind of acceptable and I think I read somewhere that PT is selling these again? Maybe that is an avenue to explore. Other than that you really have to park this desire until you have more $$$ :-)
  2. Kime

    1675 GMT

    Yes what he said... its pretty bad. It looks the same as the one Josh was selling a year or so ago. It was so poor I just threw it in the parts box and it hasn't seen the light of day since. A WASTE OF YOUR MONEY. DONT DO IT.
  3. Kime

    Fake on EBay

    Interestingly, if you read the feedback he has previously sold 2 leather jackets... they probably came from the same market trader :-)
  4. Interesting... do you think HR are reading this thread :-) These new hands have taken on board many of the points made here and seem to have tried to address the proportions issues that exist in almost all lower budget had sets. If they were flat they would be winners, they have a what appears to be a similar "rounded" surface to the MY hands, but even so, I still think they possibly now represent the best single hand set buy for a vintage sub (pre 5513) out there particularly for "oversized" dials. It certainly is better than buying 3 sets just to make one.
  5. Love this. Great pics... and thanks for sharing the build details. Can I ask the cost of the case with engraving?
  6. Has anyone posted illustrator versions of these dials for download?
  7. Cheers buddy... came too late to that party it seems
  8. Sorry to sound like a total noob but I'm outta touch... where can I buy an MBW? Case looks good enough to me after some basic mods that I can myself :-) happy days ! :-)
  9. Very interesting... I contacted tonny about dials and his prices seemed slightly more than MQs... what price was this dial?
  10. Is that hodinkee post for real? I read it as a joke but then realised there was no punch line? lol
  11. I'm fairly confident that this STUNNING watch being sold by very trusted dealer HQ Milton is being sold with a Yuki 7206? What do you think my eagle eyed chums? :-) But WHAT A DIAL ! http://www.hqmilton.com/watches/1966-rolex-submariner-5513-with-tropical-glossy-gilt-dial
  12. That's the problem, the MK1 dials are impossible to find. In about 7+ months I gave up and bought this one as posted. No, you read that wrong... the dial that came with it was a fake (a terrible one at that) the one I posted is a genuine dial but incorrect for this age of watch which is 61-62. The dial I posted is a MK IV, it would have been a few years later, not much later probably something like 63-64 onwards. Yours could be a MK3 or a MK4. I can't find a better reference page for these PCGs/dials right now, anyone got one? Tudor collector has some text but its very brief and with no example pics. http://tudorcollector.com/subs/submariner-model-7928/
  13. All parts I have at the moment are gen so that means so far so good. It only needs some bezel work really but such provenance does make me think a bit more about how will proceed that's for sure.
  14. Wow What a history my little watch has... if only it could talk :-) this information is an amazing find... thanks for that ! So it was part of the "40 Royal Marine Commando, Based at Burma Camp Malaya, 1962 to 1966". Certainly dates it correctly... were these watches service watches given by the military? I have to presume so? Well, I guess this should change from a "build" to a "restoration" :-)
  15. Slay that dial is defo not genuine, who makes it? The problem I found with "high end" rep dials out there is that they seem to have the wrong fonts. The gen early gilt dials have a different font, compared to my white print dial, with "less" or no serifs in the 4 lines bottom half text, (well most of the ones I have seen don't anyway, I'm sure one will come out of the woodwork as soon as I have said that). It is the white printed dials (like the one I have) that have the noticeable serifs on the 4 lines text. The rep dials seem to have serifed fonts on the "gilt" dials but are incorrect. So in this case the nice serifs that MQs gilt dial has, which we normally curse the rep dials for not having lol, are not unwarranted and to my eyes look wrong.
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