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  1. RWI Hangout

    Nice to see other RWInoids in the Diaspora being at their best behavior here.[emoji12] Maybe this civility will endure when we do get to go back home! Thanks for accommodating us. Though I’m most of the time a voyeur (I don’t like the term “lurker” - sounds sinister) here, the gesture is deeply appreciated.
  2. RIP - George Michael

    Many of George Michael's songs are a part of the sound track of my life. "Careless Whipers", "Father Figure", "I Want Your Sex", "Faith", "Freedom", to name a few. He was not only a music icon, he was a trendsetter too. Nobody made a 5 o'clock stubble look as cool as he did. Wham! He'll be missed.
  3. Messin around

    Looks nice. Mind you, all movements- Swiss, German, Asian, etc.- are Greek to me. [emoji12]
  4. Alaska - land of the Midnight Sun

    You have midnight sun in Alaska. Big deal. It's a 100 degrees at midnight here in Arizona. [emoji37][emoji29]
  5. Why are you spinning your watch? Frankly, it looks like you're making an obscene gesture when you do that to a watch.
  6. The moment I put the Greentech and Gold/Red Spidolites side by side, these words from Culture Club's Karma Chameleon immediately came to mind: "Loving would be easy if your colors were like my dream Red, gold and green Red, gold and green..." That's a great song and a veritable soundtrack of my generation. Yeah, I know I'm showing my age! [emoji1] Anyways, pardon the dust and enjoy the photos.
  7. animal welfare vs. cheap straps

    I worry that might mean the end of piña colada cocktails as we know them. I wonder also what the People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants have to say about that. I know it's enough to make me go postal. Leave the coconuts alone, people!
  8. Jack Heuer Carrera?

    This? http://www.intime.co/tag-heuer/2626-carrera-cal1887-chronograph-crown-at-12-ss-v6f-1-1-best-edition-gray-dial-on-black-leather-strap.html
  9. The beauty of the beast

    Love my beast too. You'll just have to take my word for it because my photo can't hold a candle to any of yours. [emoji1]
  10. Yeah, you need a dress watch in there.
  11. Most accurate engraving ever

    Didn't quite catch what he said about "couple of ants on the side of a treadmill", (at about 7:05) but the video is thoroughly entertaining. Come for the watches, stay for the drama! [emoji12]
  12. Thanks! Come for the watches, stay for the drama! [emoji12]
  13. If you missed "Showtime! Part I - My rep journey so far...", do not despair. It's all preserved here: http://www.repgeek.com/showthread.php?t=236846 But before we go into Part II, a word from my generous sponsors without whom this addiction cannot be sustained: I normally arrange my watches by bands - stainless steel, leather, rubber and others like Kevlar and sailcloth. It's just so much easier to decide what to wear that way. I also use thumb tacks to keep track of what's been worn lately. For this shoot, I've arranged my reps in alphabetical order. I love all my watches, but obviously some brands more than others. Here's the A-Z list of brands in my rep collection. A - A. Lange & Sohne, Audemars Piguet. B - Bell & Ross, Blacpain, Breitling, Breguet C - Cartier, Chopard, Concord, Corum G - Graham H - Hublot I - International Watch Company (IWC) J - Jaeger Le Coultre (JLC) L - Linde Werdelin I - Omega, Oris P - Panerai, Patek Philippe R - Roger Dubuis R - Rolex S - SevenFriday, Sinn T - Tag Heuer, Tao International (technically, a Cartier "homage" [emoji12]), Tudor U - U-Boat, Ulysses Nardin Z - Zenith Now grab your bucket of popcorn or tube of KY jelly (whatever floats your boat. I'm not here to judge anyone! [emoji12]), sit back and enjoy some watch porn. [emoji1] Yes, that lone empty slot keeps me awake at night! [emoji37][emoji12] Come for the watches, stay for the drama! [emoji12]
  14. Just dropped my BPFF! %$&##@ Arggghhh!

    If it's any comfort, I cursed twice as much as you did when I saw that picture. Hope Toro come thru for you. By the way, the insert is curved sapphire, not ceramic.
  15. Forget expensive watches and cars. Buy this at your local 99 cents store, take it to work, hit your desk with it (gently or forcefully - whatever floats your boat), call your friends and tell them: "You're not gonna believe this, but I just banged a pussy on my office desk!"