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  1. Hyjynx


    Watchee is now 99 cents from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!
  2. If you have a large watch collection like me and wish there’s some way to store vital and other fun information about each of your watches, measure wristtime and coordinate rotation (yes!), then this app is for you. I started using Watchee only a few days ago, but I’m already impressed beyond words. I haven’t been this excited about an app since Monopoly for iPad! [emoji12] But you don’t have to take my word for it. Here’s a review: https://wristwatchreview.co.uk/watchee-app-review For less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee (and free lifetime updates), you’re getting more than your money’s worth. PS: I’m in no way affiliated with the developer.
  3. Thanks. Doing that will contradict my answer to FAQ #2. However, I’m willing to hold my own feet to the fire for what will undoubtedly be very hard exercise. Stay tune! [emoji6] Thanks. I couldn’t have said that better myself. [emoji1][emoji106]
  4. Thanks. It’s looking like that, isn’t it? Wow. I’m getting some royal treatment here. Should visit more often! [emoji16][emoji106]
  5. This is a no-frills, unabashed, pictorial of my current collection of watches. I’m no watch snub, so some might be surprised by what I consider MY definitive and true collection. I’ll try to answer all questions, but to avoid unnecessary repetition, let’s get a few FAQs out of the way. 1. How long have you been collecting watches? I’ll say for most of my adult life, but only seriously in the last 7 or so years. 2. Which are your (insert any number here) favorite watches? I don’t have favorites. I just love watches (in no particular order) for design, materials and complications. 3. Is there a rhyme or reason to the arrangement? Yes. Borne more out of convenience than any other considerations, I arrange my watches by bands - SS bracelets, black leather, brown leather, black/brown rubber, and odd colors (blue, green, gray, etc.) Tourbillons are also grouped together. 4. What’s the thumb tacks for? That’s how I monitor watches worn and/or wound. After I return a worn watch into the box, I push a tack into the pillow/cushion so I don’t have reach for it until I complete a rotation. There are times I would have wound a watch to wear but changed my mind. It still gets tacked. 5. Why are there unused pillows and what are you doing about that unsightliness? My brass/bronze watches were on those. I recently decided to separate them from the rest of the collection because that’s the direction in which my interest is currently evolving and I’m running out of space for watch boxes. What am I going to do about the spaces? Buy more watches. 6. Will you make a list to help noobs identify all these watches? Maybe. Not today though. I still struggle with the nomenclature for the PAMs. 7. Seriously, are these all the watches you currently own? No. There are about 25 others that I acquired in the early days of my interest but are no longer worn or cared for, really. I bring them out at thanksgiving for my nephews to relieve or raid me of. Millennials are such suckers for anything battery-powered. 8. What is your current gen:rep ratio? I don’t know and I really don’t care. They’re all the same to me. 9. Besides a good disposable income, how does one get away with owning such a large collection of watches? One marries a self-accomplished woman with a proportional obsession for shoes and bags. Now, on to the watches. The SS bands box Black leather box Brown leather box (some black leather spillovers) Rubber band box Tourbillon, and others box Brass/bronze hangout A collage? Of course!
  6. No one else wants to take a stab at this? Think freaky in the sense of oddities. What’s odd about these watches? What oddity do they all have in common?[emoji6]
  7. Thanks. That’s a Memorigin Stellar. And by the way, you’ve just hit upon, albeit inadvertently, the one thing these watches have in common for this theme - they’re all freaks in a sense. How so? I’ll let you or the next accidental genius figure that out. [emoji16][emoji12]
  8. It was a boring day, so I thought I’d do a photo shoot. I had a theme in mind but just couldn’t come up with an inspirational or catchy title. Maybe you can help me out: Did I mention that I was bored?
  9. Thanks. Yeah, the gold and emerald green dial is stunning.
  10. It’s not a KOTRT theme without a Group shot:
  11. I. Parmigiani Tonda II. Jaeger LeCoultre Master Reserve III. Memorigin Stellar AT1118 IIII. Hublot Big Bang IV. Breguet Jubilee V. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak VI. Parmigiani Kalpa Hebdomadaire VII. Drive De Cartier VIII. IWC Portuguese Middle East LE IX. Akribos XXIV X. Franck Muller Aeternitas XI. IWC Portuguese Mystere @ North, @ South, @ East, and @ West Tourbillons are absolutely the best!
  12. Nice to see other RWInoids in the Diaspora being at their best behavior here.[emoji12] Maybe this civility will endure when we do get to go back home! Thanks for accommodating us. Though I’m most of the time a voyeur (I don’t like the term “lurker” - sounds sinister) here, the gesture is deeply appreciated.
  13. Many of George Michael's songs are a part of the sound track of my life. "Careless Whipers", "Father Figure", "I Want Your Sex", "Faith", "Freedom", to name a few. He was not only a music icon, he was a trendsetter too. Nobody made a 5 o'clock stubble look as cool as he did. Wham! He'll be missed.
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