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    Perfectkicks.net*** sorry Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    MrCurop, www.perfectkickz.ru is just a website made by someone to scam from people that really intended to check the legitimate website of PerfectKickz... The legitimate website is PerfectKickz.net Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Happy Birthday payhomage!

  4. payhomage

    My #1 for 2014

    Well here it is. The one watch I want more than any other for 2014! Can anyone source a rep of it? Let me know!
  5. payhomage

    Real or fake?

    Thank god... What do u think bout the price?
  6. payhomage

    Real or fake?

    Went to a local jeweler that only has two Rolex on display. Supposedly all his other Rolex' are at Miami for a 'trade show'. Anyway, wanted better eyes to take a look if these are real or fake. Also, so you think these prices are any good? Comes w box and papers apprently and I don't have to pay taxes if it's CASH. Also, he has a 1989 Submariner on display in pretty good condition and willing to sell for $4,400. Though, input, etc... Well appreciated !! Price - $1,800 for SS Price - $2,200 for TT Thanks a head of time!!
  7. Quick Question! How Soon Will It Be Until The Next Ap Safari Comes Out? Thinking Of Buying The Latest One I see prices around $508 i think... is it best to buy it second hand or C&R? Is anyone willing to sell their latest edition C&R or pre-owned? Thanks! EDIT: Also, how close to gen is it? I'm thinking of getting the one from Torobravo's Which site has the best one? Also, what are the biggest flaws? Thanks!
  8. payhomage

    Tapatalk not working?

    I can't seem to access my PM's on RWG but my PM's for RG is loading up... I re-installed Tapatalk and the issue persists, I logged out my RWG account and logged back in, still the issue remains..
  9. With my knowledge, I only have been doing research on the Safari lately since I wanted to buy it from Toro, so it is the only one I can judge myself at the moment... Numerals are way too skinny, minute & hour hand are too fat with thick/wide lume , bezel screws are soo off it'll look like I screwed them in with screws from Home Depot, strap is way off, doesn't look like that'll be comfortable, as well as the chrono @6 @9 are just incredibly off color-scheme , date mag is WAY off, and if anything that would be my biggest concern, following the numerals size. its a good laugh, but honestly I wouldn't mind to have it if it is the best out of the three. Also, i think it'll fit my hand best, the others look way too bulky for my wrist-size.
  10. Yeah I was thinking the same thing when he sent me it, however I wouldn't mind a cheapie in my collection - it'll just give me big hopes to buy the better quality of it instead of cashing out now. Most of his watches are low-end, he's never bought from a TD and I have never told him about the rep-forums ( for a reason, if he knows, he will just blow up $-wise ). Anyway, which would you guys say is the best of all quality? I know they aren't much like our TDs but which can you point out the least flaws in? I would also hate to decline after seeing the pictures, I mean... who in their right mind declines a 'gift'
  11. So my friend who has been into replica watches way longer than myself brought up his replica & genuine watch collection to me. After a long conversation and the joy of the holidays... this good friend of mine is letting me grab 1 out of 3 AP's that he is willing to let go of. He is going to give 3 away to close friends/family members, simply because he is an amazing person So, I listed below 3 pictures that he has passed to me and I was wondering which to chose from. I don't have much time to chose and I am sure he already gave the same opportunity to others or will soon. So, help me grab the right one!! Which would be the better rep/closest to gen/ better fit/ etc. Thanks! PH EDIT: I am loving the SAFARI and always wanted it, however if I were to get a AP Safari I would be wearing it daily, and this one seems off - i don't think it'll be something I want to wear daily...
  12. payhomage

    Wednesday 27th Nov wrist check

    A beautiful present from my Mom and Grandmother back in 2010 I'm surprised, original price tag was around $950. Today's market this watch is sold new for under $100. No matter the price, this is a beauty and will be with me forever.
  13. payhomage

    My Collection!

    The last AP you posted, Looks a lot like the new lebron james (color-scheme-wise) Where did you buy that one?