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  1. mine finally got here from dec 5th to jan 25th so guys,hang in there!! the wait soon will be over,by the way my ploprof is owesome!!!
  2. hope so brother,still waiting for mine 7 weeks and counting,better be the best watch i have ever ordered!!
  3. what should we do? wait until dealers feel it is their obligation to replace the package? guys this is a comercial transaction, no matter if they are replicas!! we are not happy with the delivery time,the problem is not patience,we had a lot of it, 6 to 7 weeks a no delivery , this falls in the case of bad service. they can argue is not their fault,I agree,but as a company you responsible to deliver the goods,as a matter of fact our trusted dealers guarantee this!! so please trusted dealers stop asking us to keep on waiting and start replacing our orders!! let me assure you guys most of us as you are trustworthy,if original packages do come we will return them to you!! we trusted you so I think is time you trusted us.
  4. I have this set, for 6 bucks is very useful,not great quality but with some care it works.
  5. 6 weeks here and still waiting for my ploprof from andrew,ems tracking keeps frozen!!
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