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  1. Amazing work!!!!..i tryed to find someone here can make the same add...but nothing...;(
  2. On this time on ebay there are a lot of gen jubilee and the price is very good...350$....i Think gen is the right way...
  3. money i don't know...but a long long time...i lost the count of money....;)..
  4. My 15400 v2 completely rebrushed Inviato dal mio SM-G955F utilizzando Tapatalk
  5. Sorry...there is not a web site of sa.ma.r But i can report to you my experience: my ap crono all rebrushed like new for 350,00 euros Inviato dal mio SM-G955F utilizzando Tapatalk
  6. Hi edgematic...here in italy i know one laboratory high soecialized for restauration of gen...name is Samar, in milan
  7. Hi guys..i want to show you my last build...a 1675... It is all cartel, only the small hand come from raffle..Now i have only to change the other hands...in waiting the new one.. The dial is my custom dial..stamped by me and relumed with high quality lume mixed with some sugar and Brown color...the case was totaly reshaped and slimmed..enjoy the pics
  8. Wow...you make me want one of that....now i have to insert it in my wish list...
  9. I know some years ago there was a Russian member, i saw some GP case from him...but i dont remember hai name...
  10. Yes...this is right...my last domi's build has the ultimate jf cristal...singled ar coated...is the much more gen like Glass avaiable right Now...
  11. Well done my friend...!...i use Dung's Dials usually...i Think is chipper and a little bit better quality..but get one more Dials supplyer is a good things....?thanks for share it with us...
  12. Ok..thanks...can any mod move it in the correct area?..
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