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  1. @dapri lovely base with great potential you have there. I am certain this to be a vintagized DW 6239 with 7750 movement. The coronet on the dial, pushers and crown are stock DW and the jubilee is aftermarket.
  2. Sorry for the late reply! The engravings have been done by@neckyzips Here are some more pics of the case further refined with engravings, shape adjustments and refinished with lapping and brushing.
  3. It is made for the Valjoux 72, yes. I do this work myself so this gives me creative freedom. I haven't seen a case from any source that would be absolutely perfect without any further mods, even with adding swiss made pushers, gen crown & tube, Vietnam bezel and engraving by someone else I stay under the price of MQ which would need further work in my personal opinion. Plus I get to have the joy of doing it myself. So it's not purely an economical decision but personal passion. 🙂
  4. I did. The case is a good budget option but it needs loads of work, absolutely everything is wrong (worse than cartel). It needs extensive reshaping 360°, the bezel step needs to be redone, all holes need to be tapped, engravings added. That being said, it’s a great base for a custom made case shape and can be even better than a vietnam case when done.
  5. @lhooq Re-uploading the pictures would be extremely helpful 🙂
  6. As i am at work, i just can look from the outside what may be wrong. I am recognizing that the watch keeps running when i align the rotor pointing towards 6:00 so that the balance is free. Someone ever had this issue? Maybe i fixed one problem (with the power reserve by changing the reverse wheels) and got another with the gen rotor blocking the balance.
  7. Hey folks! I have a nice and smooth asian 2836 with GMT assembly running in my 116710 franken. Sadly since a few days the movement stops running when the watch is on my wrist with 12:00 pointing towards the floor. When i slightly tip against the glass, the watch runs again. I already checked the movement for loose parts but that's not the case. I changed the reverse gears for genuine ones and also changed the rotor with a gen as i thought it might be the the power reserve as the watch was dying in the night constantly. To be clear: the issue was there before my work. I have lots of rep
  8. Awesome pics of a beautiful watch. What are the specs of the Sub btw? I'm with you with the X-E model range. The X-A1 also is a really really good deal for the money!
  9. Here's my Cartel 5513 with the insert bleached and aged by myself.
  10. They go for around 6k$. That's an acceptable range for me. But i could have a respectable build for around 600 - 1.000$ (depends on how anal i get) with rep parts and a bit of research and luck. Also i love the building process. [emoji4]
  11. I'm loving both looks. But the faded insert gives a unique look that i love on my 5513. I actually change by my mood. [emoji4]
  12. That is what i think about building: But maybe you're right and i should go gen with this. Thank you for your input - it's much appreciated. All the best HauteHorloge
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