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  1. As i am at work, i just can look from the outside what may be wrong. I am recognizing that the watch keeps running when i align the rotor pointing towards 6:00 so that the balance is free. Someone ever had this issue? Maybe i fixed one problem (with the power reserve by changing the reverse wheels) and got another with the gen rotor blocking the balance.
  2. Hey folks! I have a nice and smooth asian 2836 with GMT assembly running in my 116710 franken. Sadly since a few days the movement stops running when the watch is on my wrist with 12:00 pointing towards the floor. When i slightly tip against the glass, the watch runs again. I already checked the movement for loose parts but that's not the case. I changed the reverse gears for genuine ones and also changed the rotor with a gen as i thought it might be the the power reserve as the watch was dying in the night constantly. To be clear: the issue was there before my work. I have lots of rep and gen spare movements laying around and want to fix it myself. Now i am looking for your very much appreciated creative input (which will surely be more educated than my ideas). Thank you so much! All the best HauteHorloge
  3. Awesome pics of a beautiful watch. What are the specs of the Sub btw? I'm with you with the X-E model range. The X-A1 also is a really really good deal for the money!
  4. Here's my Cartel 5513 with the insert bleached and aged by myself.
  5. They go for around 6k$. That's an acceptable range for me. But i could have a respectable build for around 600 - 1.000$ (depends on how anal i get) with rep parts and a bit of research and luck. Also i love the building process. [emoji4]
  6. I'm loving both looks. But the faded insert gives a unique look that i love on my 5513. I actually change by my mood. [emoji4]
  7. That is what i think about building: But maybe you're right and i should go gen with this. Thank you for your input - it's much appreciated. All the best HauteHorloge
  8. Hey mates! I am planning to build a birthyear watch and am thinking about a Submariner or Seadweller from 1989. My first thought is going with a BPSD or TC Sub and add lugholes plus slightly age the lume and pearl plus a bit of case softening. Would that be correct in visual appearance? Thank you all for your input! All the best HauteHorloge
  9. Oops. Something went wrong with the posting. Mods please remove the other threads. [emoji1] Hey ingelero! [emoji4]
  10. Hey guys! I am lurking around here for quite some time now and wanted to take the chance to introduce myself to you friendly crowd! I'm part of the rep world for nearly three years now and am member on RWI and RG for quite some time. My whole passion and enthusiasm is dedicated to the simple beauty and perfection of Rolex watches. I'm collecting vintage and new models and have already made a whole bunch of experiences every collector has to make, good and bad. Now I'm at the point of owning a respectable and high grade collection (that i will share with you later) and having quite some watch servicing and modding skills i will not hesitate to share. I am hoping for a great time here, lots of inspiration, exchange of knowledge and before all PASSION. All the best! HauteHorloge
  11. Welcome to the forums hautehorloge :)

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