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  1. V5 mounted on v3 ss bracelet back in November 13'. Can't stop wearing it. Samsung Galaxy Note III
  2. Yep! It's been asked before, many times on many forums too. Bottom line, v3.5 basically put the diver on super rep status. You really can't loose with anything you get after that. Personal preference will rule in choosing between v4.1 and v5 (I choose v5). Otherwise you'll get the endless loop of members disagreeing on why one is better than the other. Real world experience after wearing the v5 for over a month is that 99% of the time most people don't even know what an AP is. For example, I was asked one time if I was wearing a Hublot lol! Hope it helps. Samsung Galaxy Note III
  3. V5 Samsung Galaxy Note III
  4. My v5 fitted on the Now sold out v3 bracelet. Samsung Galaxy Note III
  5. My 5004-01 with Peter's chocolate croc mounted. Awesome combo and my personal favorite in my collection Samsung Galaxy Note III
  6. TS is OOS of both versions already? Wow, that was fast. Samsung Galaxy Note III
  7. Got a vs bracelet from tswatch a few weeks ago. Ts had (2) versions: 1. With AP logo 2. Without AP logo Can't tell you what they have in Stock currently. I would definitely check with them though. Samsung Galaxy Note III That's a "v3" bracelet Samsung Galaxy Note III
  8. Vs on bracelet today Samsung Galaxy Note III
  9. V5 fitted on v3 bracelet Samsung Galaxy Note III
  10. Welcome to the forums jaersr. :)

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