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  1. Possibly, although I am not so sure about that since I did not receive any answer to my last messages telling him about the problem ..it was also my intent, to have a gentleman agreement ... just for your information, have a look at the following thread "https://forum.replica-watch.info/threads/franken-mbw-5513.373887/" anyhow, I have now approached a moderator .. will see what happens ..
  2. I thought that here was the place to tell such unfortunate story .. no ? But, you are probably right .. I will contact a moderator and see if something can be done. Thks
  3. Dear All, I would like to give an appreciation of a purchase recently made. I bought a vintage 5513 rep from fellow member “mrtoulouse” on RWGcc ; here is the link to his advert. https://rwg.cc/topic/189419-franken-mbw-5513/ I have always been fascinated by the 5513, and have already bought a few (reps ofcourse, gen are out of range!) but none really “great”. When I saw the ad of “mrtoulouse”, I had the feeling that watch was perhaps worth the amount requested by the seller. Prior to buy it, I raised a few matters over the MP’s ie was the movement a real swiss ETA? (answer was yes, confirmed), was the bezel operating correctly? (answer was yes, a lot of work had been put into the bezel installation to have it work just as a gen) .. etc .; Because the communications were good, because the seller was sympathetic, because he claimed to be a gen watches seller and as such was able to mod and to end up with a rep real close to gen, I pulled the trigger. After receipt, I was not deceived by the aesthetical aspect, the vintage look .. but some flaws were present .. the bezel was blocked, the case looked horrible due the attempt to age it, the bracelet (gen, he said) was difficult to demount .. The real problems popped up not long after : the crown and tube somehow came loose and it was not possible anymore to screw the crown back…. Watch out of order .. As a result I went to my watchsmith, to discover that : - Crown and tube had been glued, probably when trying to raise the crown, bonding agent had melted into the case - Dial was held in position with “robico” material (gum) - Movement was not an ETA, .. perhaps a Chinese reconditioned ETA … more likely just a chinese copy .. and was out of order when everything got wrong .. - Movement was held in place by Loctite glu .. not mechanically as it should .. - I had to replace the movement .. a real swiss ETA has then been installed - I bought a new crown and tube from Athaya that was installed as well - The bezel is still blocked, problem pending .. Ultimately, this watch I thought had been modded “professionnaly”, had actually been “mickeymoused” .. poorly bricolaged .. ! It is my opinion I paid too much for the watch, and subsequently I went back to the seller. I thought some refund was in order, to be negotiated (amicably). But would you believe it, I did’nt receive any response to my messages ! Conclusion : I made a deal perhaps not with a crook, but at least with a non-straightforward person that issued an incorrect ad ! and that has, since, disappeared .. ! For people wanting to see evidences, I have readily available the exchanges of messages, pictures of the movement .. Thank you for your attention,
  4. Hello ! There is another viewpoint .. a replica is not meant to cheat .. when a fake is built to cheat the buyer .. and to present itself as being gen ...
  5. Welcome to the forums malilis :)