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  1. WTB: RG HBB Handset

    Bump - still looking
  2. WTB: RG HBB Handset

    I wasn't sure where to post this, so mods please let me know if posted in incorrect section.
  3. GMT Batman examples?

    The Batman GMT is the version where the bezel has blue and black (black for 18-6 and blue for 6-18) coloration. I would go for the new noob CHS version. I have the 116710LN one and it is running great. I know some people have had movement issues, but overall it's a great rep so far. If you don't want to chance the movement issues, get the older ICHS version.
  4. The first 5 rolex builds I've built

    Strodda is fantastic with lume. He has a section on RWI.
  5. 116710 GMT II franken is alive !

    It looks great! Nicely done
  6. GMT II chs franken project UPDATE!

    Looks good - heh, we are both building these quite the same!
  7. Whoa, that is superb! I would be afraid to wear it out of the house!
  8. Replacement Panerai crystal

    Prof does some superb crystal coating work if you want to try him out.
  9. BR03-88 anyone knows a dealer that has these in stock?

    Toro might still be able to get one. I had asked him about one and he thought he could still source it.
  10. Strange issues,ALERT!!!

    Hey MoaB, i seem to have access to someone else's PM's instead of my own.... can you fix it? Actually, I'm the user Cheesemonger now, supposed to be Big-Dane...
  11. Interesting Link

    Very nIce, thanks!
  12. Changing b&r dial??

    I am not sure on the difficulty level, but you should access the dial/movement from the front (the 4 silver bezel screws in the corners). Also, if you want new bezel screws, a seller on eBay called JaysandKays may have ones that are close (and I think they have strap screws/bars as well) - they may be worth checking with to see their stock and possible compatibility. The screw in the back of the case is for the crown stem release I think.
  13. Let's report this faker on eBay!

    Saw this one earlier. It looks like a rep, especially with that incabloc. But I think the seller may have put the large wristwatch description in there to make it look like he was not trying anything odd.
  14. Help needed to find buckle

    The only place I have found is the below. Purchased a couple and they are nice quality. Vagenari.com Link http://vagenari.com/product.php?id_product=225
  15. Help with Gen Strap or Real Nice Aftermarket

    Glad to help. What color are you going for? With a white dial, I would say the dark or medium brown would look very nice to set off against the dial.