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  1. I haven't read through this thread but I can say that my entire family came down with Corona Virus but we were protected but our vaccine shots and booster but I do have two friends and a sister-in-law who are no longer with us. Ken
  2. I have just been made aware of this by a friend on Facebook and I can only say I am shattered. As an original RWG admin team member I spent a great deal of time chatting with Bob, much of what can't be seen by the members. He was always there for me whenever I needed advice or just a buddy to vent to. Bob was truly a larger than life character, a wonderful gentleman and a legend and I will miss him sorely. Condolences to all his family. R.I.P. buddy Ken
  3. long time conerstone, I hope you and family are doing well
  4. KB


    Good to see you to buddy, it's been way to long
  5. Late to this but while nanuq was doing the hockey we would have been doing this....
  6. Wow is this thread still going? 😮 Ok........jocks
  7. KB


    I note that there are still people looking for goods and I am very sorry but I no longer deal in replica items. Quite a while back my sales rep in China was involved in a car accident and I reached out to all the connections I knew she had and drew the conclusion that tragically she had lost her life. Fast forward 6 months and I get an email from Cathy explaining that although she was in fact in a coma she was now back home and ready to start work. However after a few attempts at sales I noticed the entire dynamic of working with her had changed and for me made the business untenable. Some of you will have her email and to those people I have to stress that if you want to purchase direct from her you do so at your own risk, a risk that I do not believe is worth the heartache. Ken
  8. G'day sport, you hit gold first shot with RWG, lot's of knowledgeable people and a great community.
  9. I saw 'cling film' and thought this is going to be an interesting thread. Not happy Jan. 🙃
  10. This has probably been said many times in this thread but Rolex's are so expensive because they sell every watch they make. BTW hi gang
  11. Hey buddy still working in your PJ's or do you have a real job now Ken
  12. It is with great sadness that I must announce the demise of Bergies soft goods. As some will know I have been a constant dealer in the best quality soft goods for the past 13 years making me not only the longest running soft goods dealer on these forums but also on the internet itself. Sadly a couple of months ago during a routine message to my sales rep (Cathy) I received a reply on her phone from a friend or family member stating she was in ICU after a traffic accident. Cathy left her original employer to work solely for me 13 years ago and grew to be such an important part of the business that she was really a partner more than an employee and at the time of this incidence there was no outstanding orders or money owing so there is no doubt something bad had happened. I have numerous ways of contacting Cathy including phone, skype and her actual home address and have spent the last couple of months trying to find out how she is, unfortunately I have now come to the conclusion that she didn't make it. Cathy and I have seen many life issues over the past 13 years including the birth of her 2 children and the time I set up a 3 way chat with a doctor from this forum and saved one of her babies after he became very sick from tainted baby formula. The fact that this has happened, in all likelihood, during the pursuit of our business activities weighs heavy on my heart and I have neither the inclination nor the belief that Cathy can ever be replaced so this is the end of the road. Thank you for your years of clientele Ken
  13. This is my web site here.... http://cyckdb.com/ However I haven't had time to update it for a long time so if you don't see what you want ask and I will check stock. Ken
  14. Wow 😮 nanuq is there any way of getting back into the sub forum? Those interviews are part of my being Ken
  15. I think we also tend to get used to the low shipping prices we get from China. I tried shipping from Aus to other countries at one point so I could see first hand the quality of the item but in the end the cost was prohibitive and I had to put my faith in my Chinese sales rep. Ken
  16. Forgot to add that until CNY next Feb all shipping worldwide will be free of charge. Ken
  17. What I find interesting about this topic is the fact that buyers of softgoods obviously have a much higher expectation than those who buy watches. My customers expect the actual item they chose that looks like the genuine item and on their doorstep within a couple of weeks. Ken
  18. Happy Birthday buddy Certainly one of my favourite interview subjects and fortunately the only one that has lasted over time Cheers Ken
  19. Hi Hamad and welcome to RWG, however you have posted in the wrong area. I assume a mod will be along to move this post into the correct section. Ken
  20. Yes I had to go around my connection warning to get in but seems ok now. Ken
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    1, 2, 3 and again
  22. Yeah buddy it's been a lot of years, come down South with your family one day and stay with us for a bit we have lots of room Ken
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