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  1. I'm still smarting from picking up the roamer for cheap. An 18KYG Patek for that price is a robbery. Good on you 🙂 Talking about finding gems I read this article today. Dude finds an original 3646 at a bazaar. Rolex-Panerai 3646 ‘Error Proof’ From A Bosnian Bazaar – Vintage Panerai and other iconic timepieces under the loupe at Perezcope That ST stingray is sublime. 70s style, the use of color is really something. I think my collection needs more of these gems.
  2. Yep it was off eBay too. The guy didn’t list the movement or have proper pics so it slid through to me. It has a slight beat error and low amplitude but still respectable +15 secs/day.
  3. I think Omega and Tudor represent value for money compared to the market. I just got a 1971 Roamer Stinger with valjoux 72 for US$1100! There are still bargains to be had. Problem is the prices today will likely seem cheap in the future. Either get on it or you'll be crying in your cornflakes that you were too scared to jump.
  4. For me it's brand above anything else. They've done a terrific job right from the start building the brand and doubling down on its history. I also shudder to think what Rolex's percentage spend on advertising, PR, sponsorships, ambassadors etc to revenue is. Sure they have a decent product but they sell markers for lifestyle and success so we'll pay more to be part of it and show off the fact we've "made it" or "faking it". As watch aficionados we can say that's crap but why do we want them then when we know we can get lesser swiss make with bullet proof eta for a fraction of the price? It's easy we want to be part of it.
  5. I think you're overreacting. I've had great results with this if you don't mind the smell of burnt plastic and gasoline. Fast and efficient giving a unique patina to your watches.
  6. My tapa shows an empty inbox too regardless how many times I log out and back in again.
  7. I'd be happy with either 😁 Very nice indeed.
  8. I've been in the same boat. Communication hasn't been slow per se. But I've had some very poor watches up for QC and the TD actually got annoyed that I was concerned with rehaut alignment or scratches on bezel. I think it's the factories that are trying to keep off the radar and being constipated with their comms and product. This in turn is putting pressure on TDs who are the meat in the sandwich.
  9. Hi folks I have a really nice rolex spider dial where the white gold markers have aged presenting as an almost gold color. It looks great, however my franken runs a 2824 and all the hands I've come across are silver. Is there a process I can use to artificially age the hands to match the markers? I'm also on the look out for a 3035 and will get gen tritium hands one day. But for now it's 2824 and home lume job. Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. Have you done it and were you reasonably happy with the outcome?
  11. What can you do with the stubby lugs? To be fair I haven’t placed a crown in position to get perspective as I’m moving house and needed to pack it away. Maybe it isn’t that bad?
  12. I got a few of these recently. What do you think besides the fat lugs and stubby crown guards? I think they're a lot better than the earlier ones. Apologies for the threadjack consider it a bump 🙂
  13. Hey guys I just got a couple of these sub cases from StarTime. What do you guys think? The lugs are a little fat and crown guards stubby but doesn't look as bad as previous models. Rolex Stainless Replacement Case, -- RSCSS: Star Time Supply
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