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  1. I’d be interested put my name on the list pls. Thx
  2. Thanks good advice. Under 50x magnification I noticed the tube had split. Even crimping was no good. I ended up ordering new hands instead.
  3. Hey guys I just transplanted hands between clone 3135s. Since, the gen seconds hand has fallen off twice. I'm using a press to put them on and they click on nicely but fall off if the case is given a shock. I don't have broaching tools are there any tips on what could be wrong/options for tightening the sucker up? Thanks...
  4. Check what I found at the bottom of the watch box. I haven’t worn this for 5+ years. Thank you covid and boredom for reuniting me with this little champ [emoji1374][emoji1362]
  5. I’d highly recommend it. Stunning so far.
  6. Thx buddy. I haven’t left it off the wrist more than 3 days so not sure exactly but definitely 48 hours+. I got it in an m2m and just installed the crystal.
  7. Not sure how reliable I’ve only had it a few weeks. Reserve seems excellent. I can leave it in the box 2 days it doesn’t miss a beat. Did I say she’s sexy as hell?
  8. The fake "button" had me freaked. Turns out it's the little screw below the stem. Approx 360 degree turn with stem in wind position.
  9. Quick question has anyone removed a p.4000 from a case? The little stem button on the plate seems decorative. Do I need to remove the plate to access the real button? Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. What do you think boys and girls?
  11. Hey guys which TDs or other contacts do you think would have a cal 999 available? I need to breathe some life into an old rep. Alternatively anyone with one of these they'd like to sell as a donor? PAM336 Radiomir PAM337 Radiomir PAM338 Radiomir PAM439 Radiomir Oro Rosso PAM513 Radiomir 1940 Oro Rosso PAM512 Radiomir 1940 Thanks.
  12. I’ve gone for PAM111 on Malio today [emoji1360]
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