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  1. Have you done it and were you reasonably happy with the outcome?
  2. What can you do with the stubby lugs? To be fair I haven’t placed a crown in position to get perspective as I’m moving house and needed to pack it away. Maybe it isn’t that bad?
  3. I got a few of these recently. What do you think besides the fat lugs and stubby crown guards? I think they're a lot better than the earlier ones. Apologies for the threadjack consider it a bump 🙂
  4. Hey guys I just got a couple of these sub cases from StarTime. What do you guys think? The lugs are a little fat and crown guards stubby but doesn't look as bad as previous models. Rolex Stainless Replacement Case, -- RSCSS: Star Time Supply
  5. 3035 is a thicker movement with a different offset between stem and dial. If you put a 3135 in a 3035 case you’d need a dial spacer and a longer pinion for hands. I’m also after a 3035 for a 16800 build. Not easy to find at a decent price.
  6. My work in progress with UAE ministry of defence dial.
  7. Thanks good advice. Under 50x magnification I noticed the tube had split. Even crimping was no good. I ended up ordering new hands instead.
  8. Hey guys I just transplanted hands between clone 3135s. Since, the gen seconds hand has fallen off twice. I'm using a press to put them on and they click on nicely but fall off if the case is given a shock. I don't have broaching tools are there any tips on what could be wrong/options for tightening the sucker up? Thanks...
  9. Check what I found at the bottom of the watch box. I haven’t worn this for 5+ years. Thank you covid and boredom for reuniting me with this little champ [emoji1374][emoji1362]
  10. I’d highly recommend it. Stunning so far.
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