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  1. Does anyone know if any of our trusted dealers have rep this yet? Looks like a fun conversation piece.
  2. sulone88

    Shoe care

    I use Coach cleaner and moisturizer treatment on all my soft goods. Follow the directions and finish with a horsehair brush. I also alternate my shoes everyday or every other day. Also, I keep them in shoe trees. Coach treatment
  3. sulone88

    End of Week Wrist Check

    Frederique Constant for Sat, going to a wedding, a nice conversational piece!
  4. sulone88

    Middle of the Week Wrist Check

    LV Thurs and Friday
  5. Check out www.etipsone.com. My very close friend is trying to start up a website for his artwork. Fell free to contact him and tell him sulone sent you! Here is a short film on how massive these pieces are. Hope you enjoy! http://youtube.com/watch?v=TLQWNmuMJLA&feature=related or just search etips
  6. sulone88

    The Official RWG Weekend Wrist Check

    All weekend long
  7. sulone88

    what do you do for a living?

    Marble Mason
  8. sulone88

    Weekend Wrist Check

    Rocken the HBB this weekend!
  9. sulone88

    Weekend Wrist Check

    Mr. Vuitton for this weekend
  10. sulone88

    Brown Dial?

    I know it's not everyones taste but here is my "definition of brown"
  11. sulone88

    Suit Recommendations

    Hit up Kenberg and search his review section on his suits. A update will be coming up shortly. I just got my suit back from my tailor and I have a wedding to go to on Sat so pics will be up soon.
  12. sulone88

    AP Safari with Black Hornback!

    Looks great! Just added it to my list. Wear it well.
  13. sulone88

    beginning of the week Wrist Check (20/04/2008)

    A little FC for today