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  1. Does anyone know if any of our trusted dealers have rep this yet? Looks like a fun conversation piece.
  2. I use Coach cleaner and moisturizer treatment on all my soft goods. Follow the directions and finish with a horsehair brush. I also alternate my shoes everyday or every other day. Also, I keep them in shoe trees. Coach treatment
  3. Frederique Constant for Sat, going to a wedding, a nice conversational piece!
  4. Check out www.etipsone.com. My very close friend is trying to start up a website for his artwork. Fell free to contact him and tell him sulone sent you! Here is a short film on how massive these pieces are. Hope you enjoy! http://youtube.com/watch?v=TLQWNmuMJLA&feature=related or just search etips
  5. Rocken the HBB this weekend!
  6. Mr. Vuitton for this weekend
  7. I know it's not everyones taste but here is my "definition of brown"
  8. Hit up Kenberg and search his review section on his suits. A update will be coming up shortly. I just got my suit back from my tailor and I have a wedding to go to on Sat so pics will be up soon.
  9. Looks great! Just added it to my list. Wear it well.
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