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  1. droptopman

    Gen wristies

    Nice watches gentleman. Just picked this up for the Mrs.
  2. droptopman

    Gen wristies

    Thank you! Not bad for 50 years old [emoji106]
  3. droptopman

    16/01/2017 wristies...

    Dig the watch and that vintage Marantz!
  4. droptopman

    1/13/2017 wtisties...

    Good eyes. Indeed just received earlier this week.
  5. droptopman

    1/13/2017 wtisties...

  6. droptopman

    Jan 11th 2017

  7. droptopman

    6/1/2017 wristies

    @dbane883, that is a beautiful watch my good friend. Very rare to see these days. Congratulations on finding such a great example.
  8. droptopman

    1 Jan 2017 wristies!

    Happy New Year Brothers [emoji146][emoji322][emoji898][emoji324][emoji312][emoji323][emoji300]️
  9. droptopman

    1 Jan 2017 wristies!

    Pre game cigar. Go Huskies [emoji458]