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  1. Hi laslopanaflex !


    sorry for bother you about i watch that you have already sold.


    but where do you bought the Hublot classic fusion 38mm ?  


    i can able to find it , i found only 42mm :(

  2. Phong Case Gen Dial Gen insert Gen endlinks and bracelet Gen plexi Gen crown and tube ETA movement Here with a faded insert:
  3. Hello:
  4. Here is my franken GMT 1675 with phong case (case alone goes for 1400$)
  5. Oh ok. was over on repgeek
  6. I know but he doesnt reply to my mails
  7. Its a phong case
  8. I have one of these in my franken 1675. i think its too dark.
  9. Gen dial Gen pushers and crown Gen crystal Gen bezel Maybe gen movement
  10. Happy Birthday! 2 of my Frankens: 16800 and DJ 16234
  11. Franken 16800 with gen Spider dial
  12. Best looking hublo so far ;-)
  13. I absolutely like the look!
  14. Only difference i would see is that gen color is more matte. The paint mod sparkles a little bit (like small metallic particels) but the gen does not. But hey this is a great effort! Good job!
  15. Top is gen but you can spot it from the cutouts of the ceramic, not from the color ;-)