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  1. Hi,

    have a Ploprof V2 with gen eta !

    both bracelet Mesh an orange,both with clasp.

    but cant letit go for 400....

    im locatet in Germany/Koblenz 

    if you want more Info of Pics,contact me via WhatsApp (+49 1781604517)









  2. Happy Birthday seadweller16600!

  3. My first AP ROO 44 mm,But will not be the last!
  4. @ jkay! Doesn't matter if it is a gen or a rep... We are all insane and nuts.... But I get the gen, so I get on all places in the world money, if I need some urgend... And, if there's a robber, he needs my arm to get it and I will take his poor life to the end... :-) Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
  5. Most of the Reps are almost 98-99,5% .but there are some hints that only the Gen have. So it is the Colour and thickness of the Pearl ! The Colour and deepness of the Letters in the ring (Lünette) When you wrap around the bezel it is more Sharp in Gen and the Klicks are FAT. In matter of this,you cant change the bezel to Gen,it wont fit,the insert alone will also not fit Spraying with Colour in the bezel will not bring satisfaction,you see that in sunlight. The first of Gens have the "S" like the pic from puretime.the new one since 2013 or so have some different printing to the early ones,only see with zoom Glases . Best method is,keep your money,work Strong an Hard,so i do,and buy one.its a watch for a lifetime!
  6. Will sell it ,comes this Week in SC....!!! kind regards Ulrich
  7. Now its finsih with the Silver date Wheel...but i think,i will offer this watch,because im looking for a 1200 plop...
  8. @messi10, how long are you going to the displeasure of all members against you catch that had to do with you, your business manner is not here. walk after middle east an do your thing there!!!Accept the rules to 100%,be fair,you are a shame for this forum!!! You write me some bullshitt about your own rules,Send my! money back ,i send you [censored] watch back an you will be happy. You offer me a Chrongraph an it was a 3 hands watch with printet hands on Dial,C´mon,such things will nobody.You will make a lot of money to do it this way,but your way ist near the end,my friend! i promise you!
  9. Hello Chief, i pay via paypal on 02.23.2014 my V.I.P membership with: apollo-11@t-online.de but i registert in RWG with my name :ulrich.mellenthin@t-online.de Can you help me to upgrade to VIP regards Ulrich
  10. That my work with a Helson Sharmaster 600... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4azx6koxrt8a0sy/gkMR8vcjpx
  11. I Think also, Messi10 is a man who needs a very big Hammer ban. Guys like him are not good for the Forum.The hole name from him sayed evrything...!!! Dear Admins,Please put him out,he´s a bad guy,he do not answer,and he only want to make profit with bad watches.Pfui...
  12. It was very easy,if you have the right Parts. I used a MK III dial. first you have to cut the Dial Feet. after,filed down the rest from the Dial feet carefuly!!! We do not laser the Dial to the Ring,we glow it with the same small papers,as used in some Watches to fix a Dial ring. That are very small papers,wich glue on both sides. i dont know the item called in english,sorry. On the Back Side of the 2824-2 is enough space to put 3 or 4 of them on it. After all pull the watch together,we test it for WD to 150 meters. The watch is save and ready to diving. I will wait for the silver Date Wheel from Helson,because i want to open the watch again to Change the black wheel. but it must be the helson Disc,because of printing.The gen.will not fit,a ETA Disk will fit,but the date stand between two letters. If you turned the Dial to "6" the date will fit correct,but the red Pusher will then be on the left side down. I hope,you understand,what i mean. regards an much fun with your new Project!!!
  13. Now I order a dial from omega Pforzheim over a omega store in Koblenz, will cost 180 €, so now I only need help with fitting the dw, or what I have to do, also I ordered a new silver dw from Helson.... Regards Ulrich Gesendet von meinem GT-I9300 mit Tapatalk
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