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  1. Hey all ; I seem to have lost or forgotten how to add feedback for a buyer ? I cant find it anywhere please help ! S
  2. Hey all I have managed to loose a screw from this bar that holds the end of the strap together. On these Navitimer straps the final bar is held in place with two screws unlike the rest of the links so I don't have any spares. does anyone know where I can get one of these screws or even a replacement bar and two screws Thank so much in advance S
  3. I adore this watch But cannot track it down anywhere; especially with the white face can any of you lovely people help https://www.omegawatches.com/watches/seamaster/aqua-terra-150m/master-co-axial-gmt-43-mm/23190432204001/
  4. I am loving my watch by the way :-) its probably my favourite in my ( quite big ) collection !!! One thing thats puzzling me is how to remove the caseback ? --- I tried my usual ball trick back to no avail ..... am I missing something ? Cheers in advance Steve
  5. Wow thank you for the replies And higginsd I really appreciate such a detailed response ...... I am indeed going to get the faux version ; but I'll stick with josh having bough maybe 20 reps from him already ! I can't wait to get my first IWC ! Steve
  6. That's the one that Angus would list as V1 then ? .... I can't see how the working PR would be accurate especially for 7 days anyway .... Thanks for the advice ; i I think some of the TD Listings are a bit inaccurate anyways of what a 5002 is ; unless there are legit variations anyway ! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hey all Think it's time to get a IWC in my collection This is the one I like best ; I think it's called a 5002 ? But none of the reps I find on our TD's seem to be quite right ; missing number 9 ; faux reserve ; some working reserve I know it's a noob question but anyone have any recommendations ? I normally buy everything from josh or silix Steve
  8. Yep that's the one I got ..... Beautiful --- Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. I got mine from josh .... Perfect clones Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks ceejay , actually the watch has developed more problems ; one chrono button has fallen out and the bezel and crystal are coming away from the body .... I should imagine that one of the retaining screws has come loose .... It's on it's way back now ... Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  11. Ceejay - yes exactly as you describe ..... thank you ... are the hand keyed in someway when installed ? I mean a finite number of install positions ? I know I am thread stealing a bit - sorry ! its Such a beauty - btw I have tiny wrists too !
  12. Ceejay thank you for replying ; much appreciated The hour hand and the gmt hand both are slightly out : is this just an install issue then ? Like the hands are installed one "step" out ? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. I have one of these = Received it today .... it is stunning !!! Mine has a issue though ; it seems that the hour hand may be one 'step' out of position I dont know what to do - return back to Josh who I am sure will help me out ( he is my TD ) or live with it .... It was super super expensive would just have hoped for better Also a point to not that the rotor is so loud and heavy It sound like a very loud kids toy on my wrist ! took a nice pic outdoors and sorry for the awful indoor pic showing the hand problem Anyone have a view on what I should do the the 2 problems ? Hands and Noise ? Any feedback much welcomed Steve
  14. Lol :-) it's more to do with flexibility on storage horizontal ; or vertical ..... Thanks so much for the reply Bond out Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  15. Hey All I have searched for days and days I have looked at so many storage solutions but cannot find what I want I really want a watch box or briefcase that has a handle .... also I want the watches to be stored on pillows so that it don't matter what way round the box is the watches stay still and safe I have 4 of 6 grid watch boxes with the glass windows and they really annoy me as they must be held the right way around Can anyone recommend anything in the UK thx Steve
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