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  1. I'm no expert but the movements does look genuine to me. The reps I've seen often lack the details inside the movement.
  2. AMAZING POST!! Easy to navigate and point out flaws of the rep with reference pictures - something that not many people do. That hours of editing. Thanks for this!
  3. I have long been attracted to the Aquaracer Auto Chrono Date only version because it nicely fit my relatively small wrist. The watch itself is 41.5mm. Having tried on the upgraded version with Day-Date, I felt a little too big for me. This older version has been sold out from official Tag stores where I live and I could not find any replica of this watch - only Day-Date version is available. Correct me if I'm wrong here. This is perfect candidate to be my outdoor-active watch as oppose to my current dress watch mini-collection. Now I found a seller selling a second hand GEN and I would love to hear from the community here of what you guys think of it. Here are the photos: Love to hear you comments here. Cheers!
  4. Thank you for you great contribution to the community. A lot of us are lucky to have people like you around the forum. Five golden starts for you!
  5. Wow you spent a lot on that watch. May I ask what movement is it? A swiss or asian? I'm a newbie but I have read a lot form this forum and I think you can get a lot out of it too. Try reading By-Tor guide to Tag Replica. It was eye opening for me what a rep watch could look like.
  6. Another AMAZING post! Thanks for the link bracelet info.
  7. Thanks By-Tor! After reading your post here I have grew to love these watches style. Seeing how you describe them and wears them just make them looks beautiful. My first target, not my first watch, but first inspiration from this forum, will be Tag Aquaracer Auto Chrono Date - probably a gen I see that you have been absent for a while and I really do hope you would be back to make these incredible reviews.
  8. Im a newbie here has been reading a lot from the forum. By-Tor is definitely very inspiring. All the reviews are greatly insightful. THANKS BT!
  9. Welcome to the forums kanaik :)