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  1. Any thoughts about the best bracelet / clasp for a 116610? I'm currently looking for one, but it seems that no one sell any of them stand-alone? Thanks
  2. Can someone help me how to find BK's profile? Can't find him on the user list! Thx
  3. Hey guys, I just ordered my tc and bought a gen insert, which will replace the tc insert when the sub is in my hands I just think of buying a gen crystal but i dont know how good tc crystal is. Does anyone have good pictures to Compare these crystals ? I cant find any similar ones ... Thanks!
  4. Just bought the insert by "911flyer" , its almost new and its for €95! I just heard that the user "omega" sells new inserts for €130! Completely new!
  5. Thanks nightwatch! Does anyone have two close pictures (similar light) to compare them? I cant wait to get mine
  6. Its really hard to find one in a good condition, spending max. 150$ ... Is there any rep-insert which is closer to gen than the tc?
  7. I guess this should be the right one ? http://www.rlx-sales.com/de/sales/offers/detail.php?id=u1316t1384420350&suche=06a01a99099167443eea2cf600ca42f81390115331&pageNum_qListe=39
  8. Hm does anyone know good places for buying a gen insert? Ebay users are always from the us, and the shipping costs are horrible...
  9. One last question: is it easy to put in the insert by myself? If yes i will say to thomas, that i want it seperately, because i will probably buy a gen one..
  10. Hey 911flyer , How much do you want for your insert ? And what does FFLN mean (Sorry haha)
  11. What exactly is "gen spec hands"? Still got problems with all the different components...
  12. Thanks for all your kind replies, i allready started to love this forum haha I think i will send him the money today and if im not happy with the bezel insert i will buy a gen insert (sometimes they only cost about 120$!) afterwards. Maybe i will also buy a rolex box or some similar one, i really want to take care of it! Thanks for all
  13. Thx for all your replies, a nice forum To be honest i didnt notice any difference between the inserts but i will buy one if its easy to change.. Is there any good website where i can buy one of these inserts (with fair prices haha)? The most important thing for me is the bracelet, whats exactly the difference? The gen one looks so perfect Thanks, Paul
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