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  1. Hi, i have a Lemania 873 from a Tissot T12 Chronograph laying around and i am searching for a Omega Speedmaster case and dial which fit the movement. I found some sources like Otto Frei but they dont have them anymore... Any suggestions where i could source a gen or better rep case which fit the movement? Thanks a lot in advance cmr15
  2. cmr15

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Ok, but really strange that soemone else has her whatsapp number now, the number +1 347 749 8769 is the same you guys have, right?
  3. cmr15

    new source for vintage rolex dials???

    Hi guys, i tried to contact her, but mail adress on website is not working and the whatsapp number here in the thread is from someone else... He did not really understand what i want from him;)) Does someone here have the correct number or mail address of her? Thanks in advance!
  4. So i think Phong has sent me a 5512 case and made engraving 5513... i researched myself and could not find anything about a gap for early PCG 5513, or does anybody has ever read something about that?
  5. Yes Tonnydial... kind of awkward cant imagine that it is correct with a gap, but phong does not help me, he keeps saying that it is correct like this...
  6. Hi together, i have a little problem with a 5513 Case with Pointed Crownguards which i got from Phong and the Tonny 5513 Dial. The Dial is 26,0 mm in diameter and the rehaut opening is 26,2mm... So there is a gap of 0,1 mm, which doesn t look right for me. Phong says that the dial does not lay under the rehaut like on other rolex cases but must be inside the ring, is that correct for 5513 pcg? Did anybody here ever had a Phong 5513 PCG Case and had the same problem? Thanks for you help in advance and kind regards!
  7. cmr15

    Franken SD1665 GW build advice

    nice comparison of the cases!
  8. cmr15

    Rolex 5508 Phong Case and Ivan Dial

    I will try to meassure the rehaut, that is what i also think is the mistake. I already wrote to them both but did not yet got an answer... And i also checked that i ordered the correct dial;)
  9. Hi guys, i have a little problem with my 5508, i got a really nice dial from Ivan and a case set from Phong, but now i got the watch back from my watchmaker and the case is above the swiss at 6 o'clock... Either the dial is printed too big or the retaining ring is too small, did anyone here came across the same problem? Does anyone have a solution maybe? Thanks in advance for your responses!
  10. cmr15

    I Can't Snap the Insert In the Bezel

    I always use a wooden spoon, works perfectly and does not damage the paint/printing
  11. Hello, i am still searching for a 3 Liner Paul Newman Dial from DW. Does anybody maybe have one which he would like to sell? I would really appreciate any comments on who maybe still have one lieing in his drawer? Thanks in advance and kind regards
  12. Hey i am a bit new to the rep world and need some advice;) I have a Cartel case and a bezel + insert but missing any rings found something about washer retaining and tension rings but i have no idea what i will need to fix it;) what is what? and especcially where to get them?
  13. cmr15

    Rolex 6542 completed, Daz does it again

    The spiderweb insert really looks great!!! I am also interested how you did it?
  14. Welcome to the forums cmr15 :)