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  1. Just in- Breitling supeocean 2

    Yup, GF is really into Breitling game. How’s the AR on this thing. Do we see crazy light reflections? If possible could post some pics showing the AR coating quality. Thanks
  2. Just in- Breitling supeocean 2

    @tframo this is the GF version, right? There is a noob version that is super close to gen , but it comes only with a rubber strap. Do we know how the two versions compare?
  3. What Omega are you wearing today?

    Today my relumed ploprof on a gen rubber strap.
  4. Omega PO Bezel issue

    Thanks guys. I see the 3M logo. I can get it aligned correctly.
  5. Omega PO Bezel issue

    Hello Folks, I received my omega Planet Ocean 42 mm Ti today. The bezel insert came off (see the pic) as soon as I opened the package. Looks like it was not glued on (factory miss). How do I put it back together? Thanks
  6. Sometimes you just got to improve an already great rep. Here's my blue steelfish with profsteve's 2 X AR crystal. Here's the watch on a gen pro3 rubber strap (the tang buckle is polished) with my grail Seiko MarineMaster (sbdx001). There are a couple of more strap options I want to try . So stay tuned.... Thanks
  7. OMEGA Ploprof needed - CONUS

    I hope somebody can help me make sense of this. Every forum I visit, plus the folks I have talked to are eagerly waiting for this watch. Some of them have been trying to source one for years. So it's a little confusing that there hasn't been one out already. I think the demand is high enough and they will sell like hot cakes. Frankly speaking, the factories keep pumping out some reps that people don't care about. What do we need to do to get the factories to take notice and manufacture one.
  8. 1:1 AP ROO datewheel project

    Incredible! Precisely the reason why @Legend is a legend here. Will follow this thread for sure..
  9. My IWC Journey

    Try http://www.scotchwatch.com/IWCparts.html thanks
  10. Which do you prefer

    BP for sure. Timeless classic.
  11. My seawolf [gen]

    Nice camera skills. AR is as good as it gets. Yellow seawolf gets a lot of love, but this is nice as well. Enjoy it.
  12. The Omega Planet Ocean Deep Black Collection

    I agree with @StormTooper4, there's certain charm about the stainless steel and titanium omegas. The black version's don't quite fit in any particular category.
  13. OMEGA Ploprof needed - CONUS

    @kt122806there's a whole bunch people (including me) looking for this version. Hopefully, factories will start producing it again if the demand is high enough.
  14. AP Picture thread

    Too good. What an incredible collection. Thanks
  15. Incoming AP Franken

    Awesome. Kindly share the factory and version number please.. Thanks