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  1. @ panerai153: is this a Land Rover Series on your avatar-picture??? I drive a LR 88 Series III
  2. Hi Panerai153, that's funny - I thought the same and asked him just the same question before buying it. ;-) He replaced it by a TC 2824 clone, not with a gen 2824. He didn't like that noisy rotor and rough winding. The TC movement was equipped with the datewheel and the "AP"-rotor from the seagull then. It winds indeed very smooth and the rotor is quiet. Why did yours need a heart transplantation? Did you a low-beat mod? Best regards!
  3. A short addition: I took the pics immediately after the watch arrived. I did not wind it up and did not set the date. After I did this the date is perfectly centered. On my pictures you can see the top of the next day (the "1" of "17").
  4. It seems that I going to get AP-Rep-addicted ... I have to stop buying now! But if I think it over, I need a 15400 and 15300, too ... Today my new FC Diver arrived and I want to thank lacour180 for the perfect and fast transaction. It is a great watch and I like it very much. I didn´t know if I like the carbon case very much but it is really nice in addition to my s/s Divers. I could be perfect for some further modding, but it is also very stunning as it is. Best regards to you all and have a nice weekend!!!
  5. freestone


    great!!! ;-)
  6. I bought three watches from Ryan meanwhile. Absolutely no problems, fast shipment and he always replies on mails very fast. This guy seems never to sleep!
  7. freestone

    Puretime new offering: Noob Diver V5.1

    I have made some pics - sorry for the quality! I really like this AP Diver. There are indeed these issues with the lume - it seems to be not only a problem with the watch on the Website. Also the alignment of the bezel screws as mentioned and litte issues with the alignment of the bezel. But maybe I am already spoiled by the prices of the gens - this watch offers in my opinion very much watch for the price. I especially like the finishing of the case.
  8. freestone

    Puretime new offering: Noob Diver V5.1

    I received my AP Diver Noob V5.1 today. I am very happy with it. I will see that I manage to make some pics tomorrow.
  9. freestone

    hi from hamburg

    Moin! Fast meine alte Heimat, komme aus Dithmarschen und bin oft in Hamburg. meine Schwester lebt dort.
  10. freestone

    Puretime , any issues ?

    I can confirm what was said about Ryan from InTime in this thread. I have bought my second watch and communication was all the time excellent and he is very fast.
  11. freestone

    Question about the other RWG ?

    You need five posts to see it! Best regards ... too late ... ;-)
  12. freestone

    Puretime new offering: Noob Diver V5.1

    I have ordered it now and will test how the "new" Diver is. The AP Diver was on my wishlist and Ryan is so kind to get me one. Now I am very excited what I will get.
  13. freestone

    Puretime new offering: Noob Diver V5.1

    Well, yesterday I was about to pull the trigger for a AP Diver V5 from Ryan (InTime). Then I found threads regarding the new Noob V5.1 and now I am damned unsure. Should I better go after that V5.1 from Puretime??? Can anybody tell me the differences? Thanks in advance and best regards! The lume on the inner bezel doesn't seem to be very good: replicawatchvideo.com/ap2014021101-video_50f831244.html
  14. freestone

    Hello from Germany!

    Ein herzliches Willkommen!
  15. freestone

    Hello from a newbie

    Thank you! I have made my choice now and ordered a 16610LV Best Edition from Ryan (inTime) and a 16610 V6 from TC. Can't wait to get my Hand on These beauties ...