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  1. Noob Seadweller 4000

    Closest to your wrist is gen right ?
  2. Is This a fantasy piece never seen like This before AJ looks great though
  3. 1675 Eagle beak pcg

    Nice builds Also that tudor there drool all over These
  4. A guide to 16800 builds..

    Show some pics dont Think i ever seen yours
  5. High grade 6538 build using Phong parts

    Just curious show some pics of your build and Also i could have interest In the 1030 if it is
  6. A guide to 16800 builds..

    Have you built a 16800 Q just wondering
  7. Second that there is something weird about This and if you dig Around a little there is Big signs of what going on but i Will not spread rumors people may dig their own but something is off
  8. tc sub

    It seems tc is taking a break at the moment and No one knows when or if he Will be back
  9. High grade 6538 build using Phong parts

    Was This for a customer or for your own collection looks amazing
  10. Rolex Wristies thread

    Nice could i get the specs out of you
  11. Rolex Wristies thread

    Thats a gen right
  12. Ubi my man you need to Update your pics i need something to drool over when in lovely :/
  13. Audemars Piguet Painting

    That looks great u Got some Nice Friends there bud !
  14. Built this today

    Tasteful mate really enjoy that one great job