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  1. Ezio

    18238 Build

    Daaaamn take my Money 😮
  2. Thanks for The great answer i was lucky enough to find a gen for a Price of 755 US in good condition not new but its more then fine for a 5514 The last piece of my franken projekt thanks again
  3. I been looking for a cartel 93150 for ages on m2m Can these be sourced any other Way then buying a whole watch ?
  4. Ezio

    5514 experts

    Hey guys anybody a 5514 expert i traded for a5514 phong franken but im not so sure its a phong build or even a franken best S
  5. Congrats boss the keys to the house is yours !
  6. Found help thanks to the member and rwg !!!
  7. Hey guys sorry for posting This here but sometimes you need every network you have im looking for a spanish member which could give a shop in valencia a Call for me it seems They dont speak english and im wanting to do a deal with Them so looking for someone who could give the shop a Call ask a few questions before i placed a order on their website for the trouble i Will give a round or Two on me crossing my fingers best Ezio
  8. Would it be possible to get a Build from you with one of the cases ?
  9. Wow.... great Now we just need a Rolex one haha.... no seriously This case with the FM brand really makes it a perfect pair like Aston Martin with Martini
  10. Closest to your wrist is gen right ?
  11. Is This a fantasy piece never seen like This before AJ looks great though
  12. Nice builds Also that tudor there drool all over These
  13. Show some pics dont Think i ever seen yours
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