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  1. Welcome back Rolo hoping to Snatch a project from you soon! best Simon
  2. Got The same message. But slow and steady they gonna open. Took a week for gmf to open up again
  3. Tribal thanks for The review 🙂 good to see a post from you also :-)!
  4. This topic is gonna Force me to buy one after CNY 🙂 !
  5. Nice work keep updating sounds like a amazing watch in The making Is it gonna be White or Yellow gold ? best S
  6. So i Been looking for a TW daydate for 17months now and im beginning to lose hope been bumping wtb topics so long anybody Got some cool stories about patience paid off In The long run i Can cling on too ? best ezio
  7. No problemo just that condition has alot to say but i Would say Around 1500 maybe 1800 the yuki is not that rare anymore jf gets a yuki movement Also Now Stock parts for the movement are easy to get the dial is worth alot though if its pristine condition sean case is still a great case but jf and tc cases follow the same sean case imo was the First best case then came tc and jf have taken over but its still a good amount of Money hit me up with pics when you get it back
  8. If you wanna send some pics i Will help with The Price tag i built quite a few LV’s
  9. Yet again The Forum helps out thanks!
  10. Hey guys i remember there was a guy here who offered to do triangle shipping for member but dont remember who. Anybody Can help a old fart out i have used a couple of guys here in The past ( true gentleman ) but wouldnt wanna ask time after time, since these are just shoes and not a Holy grail of a watch all The Best S
  11. Ezio

    18238 Build

    Daaaamn take my Money 😮
  12. Thanks for The great answer i was lucky enough to find a gen for a Price of 755 US in good condition not new but its more then fine for a 5514 The last piece of my franken projekt thanks again
  13. I been looking for a cartel 93150 for ages on m2m Can these be sourced any other Way then buying a whole watch ?
  14. Hey guys anybody a 5514 expert i traded for a5514 phong franken but im not so sure its a phong build or even a franken best S
  15. Ezio


    Hey guys anybody a 5514 expert i traded for a5514 phong franken but im not so sure its a phong build or even a franken best S
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