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  1. Nice could i get the specs out of you
  2. Thats a gen right
  3. Ubi my man you need to Update your pics i need something to drool over when in lovely :/
  4. That looks great u Got some Nice Friends there bud !
  5. Tasteful mate really enjoy that one great job
  6. I know i guy from Denmark as i see you are from yourself you Can pm me and i Can give info
  7. Those looks great mate always enjoy good craftmanship
  8. Thanks bud hope your coming along with your Build
  9. Nice mbw
  10. Hey guys Quick question as im having a hardtime finding anything about it my friend is buying a 16610lv M series but its without etched Rehaut there is No rolexrolex to my knowledge and search online i havent seen a single M series LV without it anybody which could enlight me before he pulls the trigger
  11. Nice gadget
  12. Haha that there is the best Line i heard in 2017 yet
  13. Ken what is your website having a hardtime finding it the one from your Christmas topic doesnt work for me