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  1. Sure I will post. Should be another 2-3 weeks. Cost north of 2k USD. I am freeing up my current dial and hands once my new set arrives. Will also post pics are the for sale ones.
  2. Hi, All, I was able to make contact with the DarkLord and he is making me a 2 line gilt dial. DarkLord is also making a set of lollipop gilt hands so that the patina matches. Good communication and did not need a referral after all.
  3. RWG Community, I have an original Rolex Ref. 6538, however, dial is a pretty bad reprint. Read Ivan dials are the best, but cannot locate contact info via google search or this forum or other forums. Given real dials are hard to find, and, are north of 15k, looking to contact Ivan. Can some please provide guidance on contacting Ivan. Appreciate the time.
  4. Hello RWG Forum members, I am a watch aficionado and own a small collection of original timepieces, from a vintage Universal Geneve Rose Gold Triple Date to a Patek Nautilus Steel Annual Calendar. I recently got into replicas to replace a Panerai PAM104 I had sold years back. After reading reviews on TT, I purchased an excellent copy from Andrew on TT, and it is almost seamless with the original. Last week I received a 16610LV from Andrew, a comparison to my original 16610LV M-series will follow, but the copy is uncanny with the original visually speaking. Attached is the PAM104 from TT.
  5. Welcome to the forums Rirash :)

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