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  1. Thanks all for your answers. And Yes CC33, the seller is WF aka Great Gasby. I know he is solid but I just wanted to be sure ;-) thanks guys ! You are great ! Bezel ordered !
  2. Hello the Rollie Experts community. A seller want to sell me a "gen" backelite bezel MK3 for 6263. I am asking to all the rolex vintage expert to confirm me if this bezel is a gen MK3 or a fake. As you probably know, this part is very expensive so i don't want to be scamed. Thanks for your help. Best' Sam
  3. Happy Birthday Samsoule!

  4. Sorry to write again on this old thread but do you know how to contact Phong ? I have sent him several email without answer...Thanks in advance !
  5. No, they have Also made an XS rubber in grey especially for the AP ROO Schumacher.
  6. Sorry for my noob question, but as you are the lucky owner of both : wich of 127 or 217 is the more accurate to the gens ? I am on the edge for the 127 but I like also the destro 217.... What do you think ?
  7. Happy Birthday Samsoule!

  8. Yes freddy, your 1665 is great !! Which dial you installed in your case ?
  9. Wow that's a really stunning 1665 drsd !!! Your case is an old school MBW ? Great insert and dial too !!! Wich dial is it ?
  10. Hey Guys, i am a terrific superfranken project for my 1665 drsd. My case is an oldschool MBW and i found a Nice 1570 caliber to put inside. Do you think it will be ok for my watchsmith ? Because a famous rolex modder told me that the 1570 is very hard to pût inside a MBW case (but he did not precise if it was the same with old school MBW case... As for the dial, which is for you the most accurate 1665 DRSD dial on the market (Ndtrading ? Phong ? Yukiwatch ? Minh ? Other ?) Thanks for your help.
  11. Hey, does someone achieve to contact them ? They stil exist ?
  12. Welcome to the forums Samsoule :)

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