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  1. AP Picture thread

  2. AP Picture thread

  3. AP Picture thread

  4. AP Picture thread

    Fleed is a real Master with the Lume. This Blue is awesome.
  5. AP Picture thread

    And this is how AP lume (GEN or REP) should be IMHO. Master Fleed Edition.
  6. Even for a RO 15300 or White 15400 IT is a must
  7. Remember Rolexfinder MBW 15200st?

    Yep I do! I hace the three colours [emoji57] Lately I have discovered that the RO 15202 was done also with closed case back as 5402st but dial is different.
  8. Happy Birthday asanibal!

  9. New Prod. NOOB White Ceramic Diver

    It is a summer watch and aummer is over. Any tells about fails?